Questions CEOs Ask About Social Media
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 11, 2013
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Questions CEOs Ask About Social Media

What are the three things that CEOs should be worried about concerning their social media programs?

Key Highlights

[01:26] There's No Cookie Cutter Approach in Social Media

[01:44] 3 Things CEOs Should Be Concerned About As They Become More Active in Social Media

[02:32] Voice as An Integral Part of Social Media Strategy

[03:30] Have A Strategic Voice

[04:17] You Need to Listen

[04:34] What is Social Media Crisis?

[06:05] Leverage Tools

[07:17] Tools You Can Use

[08:05] Engage!

Notable Quotes

  • And if you have read maximize your social, you know how I talk about voice being an integral part of your social media strategy, and that most companies have brand guidelines that don't cover voice. And this is critical.
  • The voice of your brand, is the voice of that person. And that may not be the message that you want to send out to the public or your target audience. And this is a mistake that I think a lot of small and medium sized businesses have. So I think it's really point number one is really, what is the brand image that you're projecting the social media, is that voice aligned with your social media strategy?
  • And there's really no one answer to that, because there really is no cookie cutter approach. It really comes down to your brand, and what is important about your brand.
  • But I do want to say that most of the negative things that happen in social media can be avoided just by responding and responding quickly and responding appropriately, and taking the conversation offline.
  • And with social media, it's not about the tools, it's about the people, it's about engaging. And if there's a tool that can help you scale in a relevant way, why not, but I think that a lot of marketers are just infatuated with the tools and the tools, cost money, and don't necessarily help them be more effective. 
  • What is the objective that it's helping us meet as an organization, right? I don't think that you should just throw money at everything in anything in social media, and that every tool is going to help you become more efficient, because you're still going to do engage with people, you're still going to need to find people engage with them respond to what have you.
  • Your engagement breeds engagement, right? And humans can't scale. But it's always recognizing those important people. And always making sure that you personally engage with them, I think is really one of the critical things that you need to make sure you do even if you delegate some responsibility that what's important comes from you. 

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