Protecting Your Online Content in a Digital World

Protecting Your Online Content in a Digital World

As companies create more content, more of that content will be illegally copied on the Internet. Find out what you can do to protect your content and fight those who steal it.

Key Highlights

[00:55] Today's Topic: Content

[01:10] The Need to Create Exclusive Content

[02:07] Don't Create Content Just for the Sake of Creating Content

[02:47] The Importance of Content

[04:33] My Advice on How to Avoid Content Scraper

[05:15] How to deal With People Reposting Your Content?

[06:03] Do Google Alerts

[06:17] Using Plugins Like Tynt

Notable Quotes

  • And one of the trends was undoubtedly the need to create exclusive content that you own unique and exclusive, that you can publish on your website share on social media, and what have you that perhaps some companies are trying to do too much engaging in social, when they should be creating more content that will help them scale their engagement.
  • The more people that join social media, and the more content that we all publish, the harder it's going to be for any single given piece of content to be viewed by anybody. And that's just going to continue unless you adopt paid social, or pay a little bit for native or display advertising.
  • When you blog, make accounts, and try to create unique content for unique audiences. Don't just copy and paste what you've done elsewhere, make something unique for that audience geared towards the audience. And I think that your content marketing and social media efforts will be all the better because of that.
  • So the first thing is if you're thinking of doing this don't unless you ask someone for their permission to republish your content on their website, you do not have permission.
  • And it really comes down to us as content creators and content publishers, to let people know that it's not alright, now I take a pretty aggressive stance, and I don't, you know, time is money, I don't like to waste too much time on this.
  • Some people think I go a little bit aggressive on it. Like I said, you know, if you publish content, you know, the time it takes to craft well thought content on the internet, it's not a trivial thing. And people shouldn't have the right to obviously, steal that content very, very easily.
  • But, you know, if you had asked for permission, that's one thing, but I want to promote my content on my website, right? You know, what gives you the right to promote write your own content. That's really the message that I always tell people. If you have some expertise is something to share, add value to the blogosphere, instead of just copying everybody else's.

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