My Initial Thoughts on Clubhouse, the Newest Social Media App
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 24, 2021
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My Initial Thoughts on Clubhouse, the Newest Social Media App

Have you heard of the latest rage in social media Clubhouse? Have you received an invite on your smartphone and unsure as to whether or not you should join? Are you on Clubhouse and still trying to figure out how to glean value from it? Let me share with you my own experiences with Clubhouse, describe its functionality in further details, and provide you with my advice on how to best maximize your social influence on Clubhouse.

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Key Highlights

[01:30] How I Got Into Clubhouse

[03:51] Clubhouse in the Analogy of Google Plus

[06:35] How Can I Keep My Clubhouse Connection Back to My Network

[08:26] How Invites Work

[08:55] The Utilitarian Use of Social Media Network

[11:42] Creating Room in Clubhouse

[12:43] The Viral and Discoverability Aspect of Clubhouse

[13:03] What is a Club?

[14:20] Why People Like Clubhouse

[16:11] How and Who to Follow On Clubhouse?

[17:03] Radio Approach

[18:08] The Cor of Clubhouse

[19:53] What Happens When I Join A Room

[21:25] The Approach to Clubhouse from A Marketing Perspective

[22:06] How to Generate Income from Social Media Network

Notable Quotes

  • So if you're a new social media player, you need to do things a little bit differently.
  • When deciding whether to join a social network doesn't have enough momentum that it's going to be sticking around. 
  • The second point is well, what is the utilitarian use for the social network.
  • Start to use it personally before you think about the marketing aspects of it. nd I think once you begin to look at it personally, you will discover the aspects that can help you maximize your social influence.
  • This platform definitely allows you to be discovered. People can do searches for people. And you can do searches for groups, or I should say clubs.
  • I recommend you join the clubhouse is that you begin as a way to tap into other people's thoughts and ideas.
  • I highly recommend you don't do that. only follow the people that you know that you really want to listen to.
  • Try to find people and follow people that add value. Try to follow clubs that you think might add value. 
  •  But if you take the approach that this is my personal ROI, of learning on a specific subject and or tapping, being able to listen in an intimate setting, and perhaps ask questions in an intimate setting of experts that I would love to tap into.
  • I believe the more people that follow you, like any other social network, the more people that follow you, and the more of these groups that you join and raise your hand on, the greater the ability for you to build out a little bit of influence in the network to build out a little bit of branding a name for yourself.
  • There are ways of generating income, but it has to come from adding value. And it has to come from building and developing relationships, just like with any other social me

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