My Guide to Help You Maximize LinkedIn for Your Business
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 12, 2020
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My Guide to Help You Maximize LinkedIn for Your Business

Social networks come (TikTok) and go (Google Plus), and some merely borrow the best features of other social networks to continue innovating (Instagram). The one thing about social media that has NOT changed since I began my career in social media marketing is that LinkedIn continues to be the best place for professional networking and B2B social media marketing.

Every year or two "newbie" marketers wake up to the potential that LinkedIn has for your marketing, but since I wrote two books on the subject in 2009 and 2011, I would argue that the potential has always been there. Similar to influencer marketing, marketers have tended to dismiss LinkedIn when they talk about social media marketing options. As part of my role as an educator, I have been creating a free ebook for sometime with best practices for using LinkedIn, and I'm psyched to announce that my newest version is now available for download. Listen to the full episode for an introduction and details on how to get your free copy!

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Key Highlights

[02:37] What is Freshbooks and Their Services
[05:15] How I Started My Career With LinkedIn
[07:04] Why LinkedIn Is Powerful
[11:05] LinkedIn Users Statistics
[12:39] Demographics of LinkedIn Users
[14:48] How Professionals Are Using LinkedIn Today
[16:38] Why LinkedIn Is Preferred By Professionals
[17:43] Major Ways Businesses and Professionals Can Leverage LinkedIn
[19:35] Few Ways Marketers Use LinkedIn

Notable Quotes.

  • LinkedIn is the only platform that continues to be focused on business and professional networking. It's where professionals go to showcase their personal brand, promote their companies, and in general, do business. 
  • While LinkedIn originally grew, without a doubt, as a place to connect with hiring managers, and be found for that dream job, it has become much more than that, and attracts the engagement of professionals looking for an outlet for professional networking.
  • Every employee representing your company that is on LinkedIn increases the chances that your company will indirectly be found. And the more connected your employees are to others, including each other, the easier it will be for those wanting to contact any of your company employees to do so through the LinkedIn profile. 
  • And LinkedIn was the number one network for making professional connections for improving the effectiveness of my referral network for building my brand identity for cultivating client prospects for expanding professional knowledge for enhancing current client relationships, for establishing thought leadership in your field.

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