Looking for Social Media Marketing Help? Listen to This First!

Looking for Social Media Marketing Help? Listen to This First!

Before you hire an intern or call up a social media consultant, first ask yourself these 5 critical questions to give your social media for business plans a reality check.

Key Highlights

[01:24] My New Book -- Maximize Your Social

[02:13] How I Talk To My Potential Clients

[02:35] How Can I Help You With Social Media

[03:22] Determining Business Objective

[04:46] Perceived Benefits of Social Media

[05:48] Perform A Simple Audit

[06:36] How Do You Reach Your Business Objective?

[07:36] The Killer Question

Notable Quotes

  • In this case, the illness is either the use of social media or the perceived use of social media utilizing best practices for your company. So if you think about it that way, if you're asking someone for help, you're not going to get an answer into divulge more information.
  • And that's how we start to derive our ROI from our activities and social media. Because we have that objective. You know, not everybody's using social media the same way. 
  • This comes down to sort of the expectations if you're going to hire someone, right? Or if you are going to invest in social media, what do you expect to get out of it? And that's a good starting point, in addition to obviously, where does it hurt? What are your business objectives?
  • But anyway, with your social media, what do you think is working? And what do you think isn't working? So you know, this is sort of like the audit is a self-audit of you telling me how you're doing.
  • Without understanding that because as I always say, social media doesn't exist in a silo. It just helps complement everything else you do.
  • What is the potential benefit to you in money, and that's important? Partially, it's important from a sales perspective, to help understand how much I can charge because we call this in sales extra in the budget, but on a deeper level.
  • If we're looking at the social media ROI, and we're looking at trying to reach a business objective, how much did we invest? How much did we get back? It comes down to okay, this is what it's worth to reach our objective. 
  •  So that really hits home, the proposition of utilizing social media for your business is no different than hiring someone for SEO for pay per click for web design, hiring an administrator hiring a new employee, hiring a new salesperson, it is exact same thing, business comes down to sale and profit, and how you invest your money to maximize your sales to help you maximize your profit.

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