Live Streaming: An Essential Component of Content Marketing [Abbson Live Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferDecember 21, 2015
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Live Streaming: An Essential Component of Content Marketing [Abbson Live Interview]

The Social Tools Summit was a couple of months ago now, but I am still sharing some great conversations I had around the event. On today’s podcast, I'm talking to Chad Abbott, the CEO of Abbson Live, the company that provided all of the live streaming for the Social Tools Summit. Listen in as I go a little deeper with Chad, discussing how and why live video is an essential part of content marketing.

Key Highlights

[01:57] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Chad Abott

[02:59] What is Live Streaming?

[05:15] How Live Streaming Relates to Broader Marketing Strategy

[09:47] Creating Exceptional Content

[11:13] Starting Your Live Streaming Strategy

[12:58] Chad's Suggestion for Consumer Facing Brands

[14:31] How to Leverage Video for Social Media Marketing Services

[17:01] Connect with Chad

Notable Quotes

  • I think video and especially live video has a power to captivate an audience online, like other forms of media do not. 
  • I think the brands that are being successful with live video right now, are the ones who sort of have a strategy in place. It's sort of easy to just kind of throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. And in fact, I think that's a good way to start. But then you need to sort of narrow it down and see what's working with your audience. 
  • We become so visual in social media marketing, and the visual shouldn't stop at the static. 
  • But live video, you'll frequently get people to engage for half an hour or more, which is just when you added an incredible, long amount of time to make a sales pitch compared to any other foreign content that's sitting out there.
  • I think the assumption is it's enough to just do it because it's so new. And unfortunately, worth we find that's not true. Just like with bad writing, bad photography, bad film, bad television, people don't like bad content. And that's about what you're putting into the live broadcast. But it's also about what it looks like, is it? Is it beautiful? Does it engage people. And that is, is so often overlooked. 
  • If you want to whatever your normal strategy is, but put it on Periscope for the first time and see how your audience engages. And take care when you put it on periscope to make it beautiful, make it engaging, sit somewhere nice and introduce it and and then take people's questions and engage them don't make it a static broadcast, where it's only going one direction, let them contribute and maybe ask questions, and you'll get better content for your blog posts that way.
  •  I think the takeaway point is just that it's okay to just jump in and try it and sort of get a sense of what works with your audience. Every audience is different and just like every other form of content and has to be tailored to the people that you're targeting. So give it a try. Try these different platforms. There's nothing wrong with starting with some of the free ones and just seeing what works.

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