LinkedIn for Students: What Do I Put in My LinkedIn Profile if I am a College Student?

LinkedIn for Students: What Do I Put in My LinkedIn Profile if I am a College Student?

How do you advertise your profile amongst so many professionals while you are still only a college student? And what might professionals learn about their own LinkedIn profile optimization from my advice to college students? Listen on for the details!

Key Highlights

[01:10] What is LinkedIn?

[02:37] LinkedIn Vs Other Social Media Platform

[03:30] Why LinkedIn Profile Is Important

[04:50] Deciding On A Path That You Will Represent On LinkedIn

[05:40] What To Put On Your LinkedIn Profile

[07:06] Navigating LinkedIn

[09:50] What Profile Photo To Use

[11:31] Professional Headline Summary

[13:16] Doing Searches For Other Professionals/Students In LinkedIn

[13:30] LinkedIn Groups

[14:20] About Section

[16:19] Summary Section

[19:36] Work Experience Section

[21:04] Adding Volunteer Experience, Certifications, and Lincenses

[22:08] Recommendation Requests

[23:50] What To Put In Industry

[24:22] Why You Need To Include Your Location

[25:16] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • LinkedIn is where decision makers are right? People that are executives in businesses that are leaders in their field, professionals in general, I think that LinkedIn says that three quarters of all working professionals are on LinkedIn, and older people, haha, compared to Gen Z, older people treat LinkedIn differently as well.
  • LinkedIn gives you the ability to enter an incredible amount of information about yourself. And it is really, really important that even as a college student who may not have a lot of professional information, you need to completely fill it out the best you can.
  • The important thing here is that if you're in college, you need to decide on a path that is going to best represent you on LinkedIn.
  • I highly recommend you use something because that is going to be when people come to your profile, the number one thing that they see below that now we have your own image, your own photo, this should be as professional as possible.
  • You definitely want to make a great first impression on LinkedIn like everywhere else. And that first impression is going to come out through that photo of you in addition to that cover photo.
  • If you're ever wondering about, you know, what is the best way to do this, there's no one wrong or right answer. It's all sort of a gray zone that really comes down to you and your personal branding and the unique people that you're trying to attract.
  • Part of branding, is talking about your strengths and your experiences. The other part is how you are differentiated than other people.
  • So once again, those things that especially tie into what you want to do, even if it was a few weeks sort of internship, I highly recommend you put it in here, it's going to gain you more visibility in LinkedIn, it's also going to give you more credibility, and paint a fuller picture of who you are. 

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