It's Time to Reset Your Email Marketing

It's Time to Reset Your Email Marketing

Are you providing true value and building a relationship with your email subscribers? If not, it's time to do a hard reset with this advice from Neal Schaffer.

 Key Highlights

[02:27] My Advice on Email

[03:17] Why Email Marketing Is Still Critical

[03:29] Why You Need to be on Multiple Social Media Platforms

[03:57] Build Your List

[05:01] The Other Thing You Should Be Doing

[06:35] Getting to the Core of Your Email Marketing

[06:57] Never Buy List from Third Party

[08:50] Go Big or Go Home Approach

[10:08] What Is Something Unique to Maximize Your Social Business?

Notable Quotes

  • As you know, social media permeates everything, it it becomes part of what companies naturally do, it becomes part of their infrastructure. Social is being used, regardless of industry, regardless of department.
  • And my advice really is I really, after you listen to this podcast, I want you to do a hard reset, and alt control, delete on what you've been doing an email and I want to share with you what I've been doing an email.
  • What I learned that and I talked about this in the podcast was that email is like any other form of relationship building.
  • First of all, well, let's first understand that email marketing is still critical that even with social media, people are not on social media all the time.
  • You know, I think a lot of content marketing efforts, people forget about those downloadable resources that can help lead people into your marketing funnel, and they concentrate on blog posts and social media posts.
  • If you don't have a process for it, you have nothing. 
  • And I want my newsletter to become one of those newsletters, something truly incredible that people will be waiting for.
  • If you're looking to bootstrap this, to help you really create a compelling email newsletter. So don't just send out email newsletters because you have a list. And don't send them out weekly, because you feel you have to, I want you to do a reset. And I want you to really think about what value is that newsletter providing to your subscribers, not to you as a business, but to your subscribers. 

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