Is Your Content Aligned with Your Business? Introducing Your Digital Marketing Coach Podcast
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 10, 2021
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Is Your Content Aligned with Your Business? Introducing Your Digital Marketing Coach Podcast

Do you ever feel that sometimes your content or branding just isn't correctly aligned with your business? Or that your message doesn't leave the viewer or listener wanting to learn more about you or do business with you? Perhaps you or your business have pivoted, but your content or branding has not?

These were the questions I have been struggling with, and a series of events, including my recently attending Podcast Movement, let me on a journey to rebrand this podcast, changing it from Maximize Your Social Influence to Your Digital Marketing Coach. Learn all of the reasons why I did so and what takeaways it might have for you and your brand and content in this first episode of Your Digital Marketing Coach.

Key Highlights

[0:53] Introduction to Your Digital Marketing Coach Podcast

[03:05] Why Should I Consume the Content I Am Publishing?

[5:34] Moving from Social Business Unplugged to Maximize Your Social Influence

[07:05] Why Do I Need to Do Something Different to Stand Out?

[08:51] Your Content Has To Be Aligned With Your Business

[09:33] When Did I Realized that My Content Was Not Directly Serving my Business?

[11:04] Rebranding My Podcast

[11:07] Your Digital Marketing Coach

[13:07] Why I Took The "Your Digital Marketing Coach" Branding

[13:20] Do Something That Sparks Joy in You

[16:04] What's Important in Deciding A Strategy?

[17:28] Why You Should Align Your Content With Your Business Now

Notable Quotes

  • In digital marketing and the words of John Lee Dumas, you need to do your reps in order to get better. And it begins by actually consuming the content or the type of content that you're publishing.
  • But because it is so competitive now, you know, when people do a search for a certain keyword, you need to be doing something different. You need to stand out with a fluffy name.
  • And even in content creation, in marketing, if doing what you're doing in your business of doing what you're doing does not spark joy. If you're not excited about every time you press the record button for a video for a podcast, or when you start writing for a blog, if that does not excite you, and something's wrong. Maybe you should be doing something else. Maybe you should be delegating it to someone else who is passionate about it. Because that is what sparks business. That's what sparks growth. That's what sparks creativity.
  • If there's something holding you back, if you're ready, you need to go. There is nothing to be afraid of. Especially if what you're doing is your branding, whatever it is, if it doesn't, if it doesn't spark joy, right?
  • If in alignment in terms of content in terms of branding, in terms of launching something new, if it makes sense, you owe it to yourself to do it now, rather than wait, I am one who likes to live life without any regrets.

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