Internal Communications and Social Media - What You Need to Know
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 25, 2014
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Internal Communications and Social Media - What You Need to Know

Neal interviews Internal Communications expert Rachel Miller while in London about the role of internal communications, internal communications versus public relations, and internal communications best practices.

Key Highlights

[01:30] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Rachel Miller

[02:50] What is Internal Communication?

[03:27 Internal Communication's Role

[05:09] Why A Separate Internal Communication Department/Specialist is Important

[07:58] Clients Rachel Works With

[08:29] Rachel's Blog URL

[09:39] Rachel's Advice

[12:34] The Approach Rachel Recommends

[14:20] The Biggest Social Media Need in the Market

[16:26] Make A Difference

Notable Quotes

  • The key function and the key role of in internal communication is really to equip and enable and empower employees to have a voice inside an organization.
  • So good internal communications, inside organizations are once you really understand the reality of the of the culture of the workforce.
  • But it's more important than ever before that we really understand that it's not about the egos of being total communicate, it's about information flow inside organizations.
  • And that's why I think internal comms is important is because it is that consistent message, it's that reality of understanding the workforce and understanding the culture and making it real for people.
  • You know, communication is about real people telling real stories about what you know what they're working on. So I think that one of the key roles for internal communicates is in be in separate function as a distinction is to be that functions to be those eyes and ears.
  • So my advice always is you need to understand where you're going as a business, you know, what's important to you understand where the conversations are happening, and then make smart choices to figure out what what makes sense.
  • Part of my role is really helping companies to think through that and not just introducing something because it's nice to be seen to introduce it, but really think through what is the behavior that we're trying to drive and how we need to communicate differently as an organization? And what do you expect from employees expect from you as a result?
  • I think rather than thinking through organizations, I think what's important is for internal communicators, to equip themselves and to learn and I'm doing lots of coaching and lots of training here in the UK, particularly with groups of internal communicators to really get them aware of what's out there.
  • Keep on sharing good stories, keep on doing what you're doing and constantly looking to learn and grow and make a difference for your employees.

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