How to Use Influencers to Promote Your Business [Tom Augenthaler Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJune 24, 2021
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How to Use Influencers to Promote Your Business [Tom Augenthaler Interview]

Influencer marketing should be a natural extension of your own marketing, and perhaps there is no better place for it than in B2B companies.

Listen in to my interview with The Influencer Marketer Tom Augenthaler as we discuss the nuts and bolts of influencer marketing and how to begin implementing it for your business today.

Key Highlights

[01:49] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Tom Augenthaler

[03:47] Tom's Journey to Influencer Marketing

[06:47] Little Case Study

[09:19] How Have Things Changed Today

[14:12] Tom's Advice on Approaching Influencers

[15:45] Ways You Can Begin Collaboration with Influencers

[21:02] The Education Curve

[23:34] Must Have Tools

[27:38] Final Thoughts

[29:47] Connect with Tom

Notable Quotes

  • It's not really so much about social following, which can matter depending upon the the objective of the campaign, of course, but it's more about expertise and knowledge and street cred. So do the influencers have the chops? As I like to call it? Do they? Do they have that expertise and experience in a given niche where they can really help my client advance.
  • The first thing I look for is, are they experts in their space? Do they really know what they're talking about? And you could tell based upon their track record, where they've worked, where they're working now, and the kind of content they produce.
  • Just find the right people, you know, and you'll be, you'll be off to the races.
  • It's very much about working with the influencer in a collaborative basis, so that everybody wins. Because if if it's done that way, then the content that gets created is generally better quality. And it really does resonate with the audience a lot better. So I don't take the approach of the brand telling the influencer what to do.
  • It's about building a mosaic. So you build sort of a picture. It's not just about finding those specific people with in that specific niche, although that is the core of it. Right? You certainly begin there. And then you radiate out a little bit.
  • Try to help the influencer as much as possible to but the content once it's created, as you know, it doesn't just sit there on its own. You got to do something with it. Right. Yeah. And that's, that's where a lot of the juices that.
  • Really take a careful look at what objectives are you really trying to meet here. And the second thing is, is once you start to work with some of the influencers, think in terms of building relationships with those people, because they can be people that you work with for years.

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