How to Successfully Create, Launch, and Promote Your Podcast
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 03, 2022
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How to Successfully Create, Launch, and Promote Your Podcast

While not as popular as blogging, YouTube, or social media, podcasting still continues to grow and has tremendous value for those that get it and use it right. Whether you are a current podcaster or are thinking of launching a new podcast, this episode is a virtual masterclass of best practices in:

  • why you might consider starting your own podcast
  • what is the minimal equipment you need to get started
  • how to technically get started
  • do you need a special "launch" plan for your podcast or not
  • how to promote your podcast once its launched

Key Highlights

[02:30] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Tom from

[05:54] How Tom Start Getting Into Podcasting

[08:30] Why Should You Start A Podcast

[14:14] Steps You Need To Do In Starting Podcast

[26:58] The Other Things You Should Be Aware of For A Successful Podcast Launch

[29:14] Quality Over Quantity

[31:17] Best Practices in Promoting Podcast

[38:31] Key Features of That Will Help You Promote Your Podcast

[47:32] Final Thoughts

Notable Quotes

  • The best in my opinion, is just to kind of like and enjoy the process. That's the the best part of of your decision to start a podcast. So at the end of the day, there are many, many different things you can kind of get from it, whether that was the initial goal or not, but you can meet a lot of different people through networking. 
  • If you don't know where to start with content, I almost think that you start with a podcast.
  • At the beginning, we said that consistency is key to pretty much business marketing, podcasting, and sports, almost everything. So just keep going and don't kind of leave it after two or three episodes. 
  • If you are to start one, you know, just by continuing, you're gonna find success. We talk in marketing a lot about being consistent, I think, with podcasts, and it really does make a difference.
  • A podcast is a great way if you're looking to create content.
  • And to me, I guess the the most important thing here is to to produce quality content. You don't need to have this massive subject that doesn't doesn't give the listeners enough value. Just make sure you have the the right content and put all your efforts into it.
  • There are a lot of different things you could use to actually bring a better experience and a better you know, just improve your listeners experience, that's the probably the bottom line. And then you also have a direct channel with them. 
  • Keep releasing quality content and be consistent. And that's probably the bread and butter of you know, podcasting. 

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