How to Rethink Innovation to Grow Your Business [Carla Johnson Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 21, 2020
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How to Rethink Innovation to Grow Your Business [Carla Johnson Interview]


What sets successful businesses and professionals apart? One might argue it is all about being able to innovate. Fortunately for our podcast listeners we have a very special guest, Carla Johnson, who has written a few compelling marketing books and will soon release her newest book, RE:Think Innovation. This podcast will be a sneak preview of that book, in which you will learn why:

1. People think innovation is only about the products and services they sell, and why they're wrong and missing a huge growth opportunity.
2. There are things that iconic companies with big budgets do that you can learn from and apply right away for your business...if you know how.
3. You too can learn how to innovate through a simple, repeatable, scalable formula for how to take inspiration from any brand, experience or situation you have, and turn it into extraordinary outcomes for their business - startups, established Fortune 100 brands, and any organization in between.

Key Highlights

[01:45] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Carla Johnson
[06:34] What Is Innovation?
[10:00] The Most Important Aspect To Look At Innovation
[15:00] What You Need to Do to Be Truly Innovative?
[19:31] Leveraging Innovations of Big Brands
[22:25] The Mistake That A Lot of Marketers Make
[25:42] The Process and Steps to Innovation
[27:39] Pitching Ideas
[35:38] Great Way to Start Innovation
[38:24] Connect With Carla

Notable Quotes

  • Innovation is about consistently coming up with new, great and reliable ideas. When you look at the companies that you consider as true innovators, one of their characteristics is that they're able to be innovative for a sustained period of time.
  • An important aspect of innovation is that it does impact the business at the end of the day. Now, that doesn't mean it has to result in a new product or new service, it just has to have an impact. And in order to do these things, you need to start out with innovation by clearly identifying what problem is it that you're going to solve?
  • And one of the things in the book that I've written, I talk about a process about how you actually take inspiration for the world around you understand what made that successful, and then transplant that idea into your own work in a way that relates to the work that you do. 
  • I've talked about this a little bit like starting to disconnect from all of our digital devices. And really paying attention to the world around us is the foundation of extraordinary innovation, that you can get impatient with a little AI if all you did was continue to look inside your industry and things like that. But all you're doing is rehashing things that are already there.
  • And to truly be innovative, I believe that's what you have to do is you, you have to look at what's going on in the world around you and I talked about like you, you collect all of these dots from the experiences that you have. 

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