How to Maximize Your Facebook Marketing [Interview with Mike Gingerich from TabSite]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 19, 2014
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How to Maximize Your Facebook Marketing [Interview with Mike Gingerich from TabSite]

Neal interviews Mike Gingerich from TabSite on best practices in maximizing your Facebook marketing for your business regardless of size.

Key Highlights

[00:30] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Mike Gingerich

[02:00] Case Studies of Successful Companies Using Tabsite

[04:45] Developing Your First Campaign

[07:40] Mike's Best Advice for Facebook Marketing in 2014

[08:34] Facebook for Business

[09:11] Lookalike Audience

[13:00] The Benefits of Using Tabsite

[15:28] Connect with Mike

Notable Quotes

  • And the more you engage with the page, the more they will show you contrast that page thinking that's a value to you will show you more of that.
  • I think you first need to know your What are your end goals? Are you trying to build up your reach on your page? Are you trying to get email signups? You need to determine, you know, exactly what what's going to look like success to you. 
  • So you have to determine what that is, it needs to be something that's going to be relevant, something that's not going to be too high dollar to you, but it is a value to them to get.
  • So you want to put those as well as communicating that out on your other social channels and your email list and mitt, your website, your blog, that type of thing, then you want to you want to follow up and engage with those people afterwards and know what you're going to do with that information afterwards.
  • I think with Facebook, marketing 2014, it's going to be key to evaluate your your content, what you're posting on Facebook. And in terms of you need to look at your what your goals are.
  • And people say oh, you know, Facebook used to be free now you have to pay. But the converse side of that is that you can get a ad on Facebook. And because Facebook knows so much about you what your Likes are your your interest, those types of things, for the individuals that for business, that's that's a very valuable tool, because you can get very specific and who you target and to reach your audience, whether that's a local audience, or whether that's a specific international global audience. Facebook can help you reach just that unique target audience.
  • Another quote from my visit to Facebook was when you think mobile think Facebook. 

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