How to Increase Your Influence With a 100-Page Book [Mike Capuzzi Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 28, 2021
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How to Increase Your Influence With a 100-Page Book [Mike Capuzzi Interview]

Have you ever wondered about how you can build influence by writing a book? 

Have you ever thought about writing a book but the process seems to be overwhelming and you simply don't have enough time in the day?

This episode is for you!

I am joined today by best-selling author of The 100-Page Book, Mike Capuzzi, a prolific author who also helps business owners and entrepreneurs write and market their books.

In this interview we discuss:

  • The power of helping before selling and why books enable you to market and sell at a more sophisticated level.
  • The unique advantages of short, helpful books (shooks) and why often a short book is a smarter strategy than a traditional book.
  • The essential ingredients to authoring an effective shook.

Key Highlights

[03:59] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Mike Capuzzi

[07:25] How Mike's Journey to Using Books to Increase His Influence Started

[12:03] Concept of Using Books in Increasing Influence
What is the idea of using books to increase my influence? How can books give me authority in the industry that I work in?

[13:33] What is a Book Centric Marketing Strategy

[14:53] Direct Response Book

[15:23] Is It Better to Have a Physical Book?

[17:06] Stories of Success

[25:51] Unique Advantages of Writing Short, But Helpful Books
Why writing shorter but helpful books is better than longer ones?

[29:06] The Essential Ingredients to Authorize an Effective, Smart, and Helpful Book

[32:27] Connect with Mike

[34:20] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • The power of being able to offer a book, a free book, specifically, is a strategy that is, you know, time tested
  • You promote the book as the solution to finding out more about how to solve that problem or to gain that advantage. 
  • I always share that example sort of as an example of that local influence by tapping into other people's customers and rings of influence. 
  • The book almost becomes part of this campaign, once it's published. It's something you can talk about, on your social channels, it's content, you can repurpose for your blog, it gives you an excuse to reach out to people.
  • And this is really a mistake a lot of authors make, they write a great book, they help the reader, but they don't give the reader what I call the next step. If someone is really into what you're sharing, they're naturally probably going to want more information from you, then they're going to want to know what the next step is. 
  • So it's really it's about speed, design, focus, and really taking the reader to what I call the next step. 
  • Just the process of writing a book allows you to sort of database and catalog your experiences and your expertise to put a framework behind it.

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