How to Grow Your Business with High Velocity Digital Marketing [Steven Mark Kahan Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferMarch 09, 2023
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How to Grow Your Business with High Velocity Digital Marketing [Steven Mark Kahan Interview]

67 percent of B2B buyers no longer prefer to interact with sales representatives when making purchasing decisions. Gathering information online is now the hallmark of the buying process.

This is great background for today's interview with Steven Mark Kahan, author of High Velocity Digital Marketing, who has successfully helped grow seven startup companies from early stage to going public or being sold, resulting in $5 billion in shareholder value. Based on his recent $1.4 billion dollar exit with cybersecurity firm, Thycotic, he will share the inside secrets of how to build a sales and marketing strategy that delivers breakthrough revenue growth –in brutally competitive markets, including:

•The modern digital marketing strategies he recommends to his clients - that any company can replicate
•Easy-to-implement strategies for getting found online, providing the most critical information, and getting buyers to purchase—fast.

While the interview is focused on B2B, the advice is equally applicable to B2C, so make sure you tune in!

Key Highlights

[02:02] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Steven Mark Kahan

[04:03] Steven's Journey to Digital Marketing

[05:11] Why Steven Wrote High-Velocity Digital Marketing

[07:08] The Importance of the Foundations of Digital Marketing

[10:01] Ask the Right Questions!

[14:06] Strengthening Your Digital Marketing Foundation

[18:03] 3 Ways Steven Convince Brands to Invest in Content that Fill In Gaps

[22:27] The Analogy of How People Buy Today

[24:43] High-Velocity Tips from Steven

[28:32] Think About Velocity!

[31:36] Final Thoughts

[32:42] Connect With Steven

Notable Quotes

  • Certainly the way in which people buy today is they buy based on the research they do online. So if you're going to market today, digital is the way you have to go.
  • Beyond just not talking to customers enough, it's really defining who your ideal target buyer is in detail, such that you're able to effectively target your digital programs to them. And then, of course, it's understanding the full context of their world.
  • What are these buyers that you're targeting digitally, they're not looking really for how creative or clever your marketing department is, what they're looking for, is to work with companies that understand them, that empathize with them.
  • A lot of it then comes to how you utilize that information to create your value proposition to ensure that it is differentiated, that you're able to communicate that unique value perfectly to that target buyer.
  • It was really how you use that information to incorporate it within your messaging, and then how you also use that information in the content that you create across the buyers journey.
  • You got to be great online, if you want to consistently grow revenue for sure. And Google is key.

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