How to Grow Your Business through Networking [Dave Delaney Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 12, 2022
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How to Grow Your Business through Networking [Dave Delaney Interview]

Now that we are slowly coming out of the pandemic, it's time to get back to doing more things in person. Networking is one of them, and while there are still a plethora of opportunities to engage online, the same can be said for in-person events. Learn all about how to grow your business through networking from master networker and communicator Dave Delaney.

Key Highlights

[01:22] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Dave Delaney

[05:35] How Dave Got Into Networking

[08:15] What Prompted Dave to Write A Book

[10:46] Three Ups of Networking Nicely

[12:08] How to Find Networking Events

[14:48] How Events Can Help Grow Businesses

[18:00] Start By Setting A Goal

[20:44] How to Connect Your Business to the Event Without Being Salesly

[25:27] Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

[31:36] The Nice Method

[38:53] Celebrating Life Outside Walls

[44:13] Connect With Dave and How to Get A Copy of His Book

Notable Quotes

  • Networking is a critical thing, not always easy to do. But there's this, there's this idea that if we do it and we do it, well, it's going to lead the business. 
  • Find an association or a group. So do a Google search or whatever for the association related to your industry specifically, and then attend their event.
  • When you're there, you need to speak to people, so you need to meet people. And a good way to do that is just simply to ask people, you know, what brings them to that event. As you're speaking to someone, the goal is to be as quiet as possible, so that you can get to know them, and ask them follow up questions.
  • Just showing genuine interest in other people is always going to be a positive thing.
  • It all comes down to people don't do business with businesses, typically, they do business with humans, right? It's about building relationships first.
  • With networking, I do believe that it really is a matter of planting seeds.
  •  So hearing your team is a big part of providing feedback, but also recognition and recognizing your team members, a lot of people quit their jobs because they don't get any recognition.
  • It's about the reputation of your organization. And if your team members, especially leadership, are doing a poor job leading and upsetting their your team members, they quit.

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