How to Get 1 Million Views on Your Instagram Reels [Travis Brown Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 26, 2023
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How to Get 1 Million Views on Your Instagram Reels [Travis Brown Interview]

Looking to improve your Instagram Reels? Today's special guest, Travis Brown (@travisbrown on Instagram) will teach you the tips and tricks to get the most out of your Instagram videos, including:

  • How to research high-impact topics and hooks
  • How to only post content that works
  • How to make videos 5 times faster

Key Highlights

[04:02] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Travis Brown

[06:24] Travis's Journey to Podcasting

[07:59] Why Instagram Reels?

[11:27] How Travis Started With Short-Form Videos

[14:33] Balancing Work and Fun

[20:58] 3 Steps to Having Viral Short-Form Videos

[22:45] The Importance of Hooks and Topics

[26:16] How to Know What Content Is Working

[31:15] How Often Should You Post Reels?

[37:50] Travis's Advice on Making Short-Form Videos Fast

[42:14] 10x Video Challenge by Travis

[42:46] Connect With Travis

Notable Quotes

  • And now I'm actually geared more towards helping people go full time as a creator. So creating opportunities in the digital landscape, that they now have the tools to reach all kinds of people to be able to grow an audience, build a community, and then monetize it so that they could live a lifestyle that they enjoy. 
  • What you resist the most is probably what's going to push you the farthest. 
  • Short form video is not going anywhere. It's not the future. It's the present. And so If podcasters, or businesses or personal brands aren't leveraging it, then they're missing out on a big opportunity to reach lots and lots of people.
  • In order to reach a massive audience, you need to speak to broad and big topics. If your niche too far, you need to connect your niche to a broader topic.
  • I challenge people to not compare themselves to the current state of another creator. What you do is you go back all the way to the beginning of their journey, and you compare yourself to that. And if you can make something better than that right now, then you're already ahead of the game. And that's the whole name of the game.
  • That's the whole goal of marketing is to transform somebody's mindset about a thing, or a product, or help them make a transformation through your message. 
  • We want to only be posting things that we think are going to have a good chance. And you know, the key to this is that people make videos viral, an algorithm doesn't make things viral. 
  • When your video stops resonating with people is when they stop showing it to people. 

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