How to Gain More Experience - and Yield More Influence - in Social Media

How to Gain More Experience - and Yield More Influence - in Social Media

I often get asked by marketers in transition or recent graduates how they should navigate the job market as a digital marketer. Whether you are looking for more ways to make yourself more marketable (pun intended!), gain more experience, or yield more influence in digital and social media, I believe the solution is one and the same, and the answer to the problem is often staring you right in the face!

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Key Highlights

[03:21] My Advice to Fresh Graduates Who Want to Enter the Business

[04:33] How to Gain Experience?

[06:14] How to Build Core Skills

[07:38] The Other Way to Build Track Record

[09:16] Reaching Out To Local Marketing Agency

[10:41] My Instagram Giveaway

[11:18] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • I think social media marketing, digital media, influencer marketing a little bit different, but it's easier to be seen, so long as you are trying to build more influence yourself.
  • And what I say to that is there is no better experience than experience right? And what I mean by that is, you need to be able to practice what you learned. 
  • You can build case studies, you can take data, and that data you can use when you go into an interview, or if you're trying to pitch a new client. So always starting with your own brand with your own business.
  • But there's nothing like putting this into action. There's nothing like OJT on the job training. You're nothing until you do this. And you have your unique experiences, your unique perspectives, you build your own unique processes. That's when you develop expertise that other companies would want to pay for.
  • That's when you go into an interview. And even though you might not have that work experience that others have, you have a tremendous amount of experience that you can speak to that I guarantee you anyone hiring would be very interested in.
  • So there's a lot of things you can be doing. And when you get those experiences, that's what helps you in fact, if you were to start working for an organization or an agency and they really like what you do, there's a chance that they're going to want to keep working with you.

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