How to Easily Find Influencers for Your Business (Without Using Expensive Tools)
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 08, 2022
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How to Easily Find Influencers for Your Business (Without Using Expensive Tools)

With the growing importance of influencer marketing, I still often get asked: Neal, how exactly do we go about finding influencers for our brand?

While there are tools that can definitely help you, hear me out as I explain how to search for influencers yourself using the social networks themselves.

This episode is actually a snippet from a new class I am teaching at UCLA Extension on influencer marketing. Hope you enjoy it!

Key Highlights

[02:08] How I Teach Influencer Marketing

[03:29] How to Find Influencers

[05:55] Where to Begin Your Influencer Search

[07:33] Performing A Search In Facebook

[08:48] Finding Different Niches Within the Same Niche

[11:35] Performing A Search in LinkedIn

[12:29] Influencer Search in Pinterest

[14:08] The Core of Influencer Marketing

[14:58] 99-1 Rule

Notable Quotes

  • In other words, if we're looking at a week's worth of Hawaii travel tips, or maybe the last 20 posts, maybe there's two or three accounts that are getting 70% of the engagement. Those are the people obviously that have a majority share a voice. And those are the people we might want to consider for influencer marketing campaign. 
  • So maybe as part of our campaign, we want to go deep with some of the Hawaii travel people. But also we want to leverage some of the general travel people. These are the things that as influencer marketers we begin to think about when we create campaigns and we begin to decide who are the influencers we want to work with.
  • So we might want to consider partnering with them as well, if we think the podcast audience is relevant to our target demographic, so lots of different ways to find influencers, there's not one right or wrong way. But this gives you a collection of tools that you can use to begin to discover who are the people talking about a certain subject, and therefore who are the people that we might want to partner with or collaborate with, because they have the ear or the eyes of all these people or you know, watching videos, listening to podcast, watching reels, social media posts, they have their attention.
  • And that is really the core of influencer marketing of leveraging these people that have other people's attention so that those other people can learn more about our brand and products.
  • Well, there are when you get to a certain subjects, there aren't that many people that are creating content around those subjects. And therefore, you really want to treat them as influencer royalty, even if they don't have a million followers, because there just aren't that many people that are talking about that subject online.
  • But the core fact is that people are influenced by people because they follow them for a reason. And often that follow begins with a search. So take advantage of that.

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