How to Do Influencer Marketing the Right Way in The Age of Influence
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 24, 2020
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How to Do Influencer Marketing the Right Way in The Age of Influence

There is an incredible amount of misinformation out there about influencer marketing. Fake followers, phony engagement, people that come out of nowhere and get paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars for posting a single photo on Instagram. Is this influencer marketing bubble about to burst? These are some of the ways influencer marketing is portrayed, but they miss out on a holistic definition of digital influence, which existed way before Instagrammers or YouTubers, and also ignore other trends in digital marketing that will push more and more brands to creating collaborations with influencers. Learn about how to do influencer marketing the right way by listening to this podcast - and if you are interested in The Age of Influence pre-order campaign, simply pre-order the paperback version from Amazon ( and send me the receipt to You will then get access to my invite-only upcoming two webinars ... pre-order 3 copies, and you'll also get free access to my upcoming Business of Influencer Mastermind Group Coaching Program!

Key Highlights

[01:35] Why Influencer Marketing Is Something Most Marketers Have Not Defined Well

[02:44] The Core Of Influencer Marketing

[05:10] What Digital Influence Includes

[05:54] Who Yields Influence?

[06:29] Types Of Influencers Based On Number Of Followers

[07:57] Influence Defined

[08:46] Other Ways Of looking At Influence

[09:17] Why Some Brand Advocacy Programs Aren't Doing Well

[10:20] Things To Remember When Reaching Out To External Influencers

[11:09] Why Influencer Marketing Is The Next Evolution Of Marketing

[11:42] What Social Media Was Made For

[13:21] The First Misnomer About Influencer Marketing

[14:43] People Rule The Algorithms

[16:57] The Age Of Influence Pre-Order

[18:48] The Importance Of Building A Team And Scaling Down

[20:51] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • At the core, influencer marketing is about relationship building.
  • Digital Influence includes, but is not limited to social media. It includes a website and the authority that your website has. It includes email marketing, and the size and engagement of your list. And obviously, it includes social media as well.
  • We're finding with smaller networks, it's more niche, but it's also tighter, the content creator has more influence, and it's actually more authentic. So this leads to influence and influencers being a lot more people.
  • I think the more influence you can yield beforehand before you reach out to them. And the more brand affinity you can build through social signals, this is going to help you become so much more efficient and more effective with your influencer marketing.
  • The message here is, let's get back to what social media was made for, because it was made for people, not for businesses.
  • The best way to get heard today is through those entities that have influence on these platforms and its people and guess what, people relate more to people than they ever will to a b

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