How To Digitally Transform Your Personal Branding - and Yourself [Khaled ElAhmad Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 12, 2021
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How To Digitally Transform Your Personal Branding - and Yourself [Khaled ElAhmad Interview]

We all know how important personal branding is today. That’s why we need to invest more in it. Despite the need, have you already transformed your personal branding to fit the digital age of today? 

In fact, let's take this thought one step further: Have you digitally transformed yourself?

In today’s episode, Khaled ElAhmad joins us to talk about how you can digitally transform your personal branding. Khaled is a “guide” based out of Jordan that helps business professionals with not just personal branding but also in Social Media Marketing in general. He has worked with the Jordan government and Zain telecommunications network before opening his own consultancy on the same. Tune in to listen to the interview as he shares his journey, and how you can transform your own personal brand.

Key Highlights

[02:57] About Khaled ElAhmad

[04:07] Where it all started with personal branding and digital marketing

[07:28] Shifting from content creation to creating own content

[07:54] The three types of content

[09:22] Moving to Jordan and grabbing the opportunities.

[13:11] Creating a digital first impression

[17:05] Offering value after building digital first impression

[21:03] Polishing your digital skills

[25:15] Advice for people on their next personal branding journey

[27:30] Building a digital community

[29:27] Connect with Khaled

Notable Quotes

● You don’t have to be an expert. You can be a guide and guide people to the right way when it comes to certain topics like digital media and personal branding.

● The first thing with the digital presence: my profile, username, cover photo, and bio are my digital first impression.

● All these little skills must be digitized. You must learn how to do that.

● I would advise everyone who’s into personal branding to reinvent themselves and reevaluate their digital presence because the algorithms are changing. 

Connect with Khaled

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