How to Create Processes for Your Social Media Program
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 12, 2016
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How to Create Processes for Your Social Media Program

Today’s show is about something I'm very passionate about both for my clients and for my own brand: taking social media seriously. Social is becoming a bigger part for businesses large and small, and they are spending more and more resources on it, but it’s important to take it seriously and look at what you’re getting out of it. Putting processes in place can help you streamline your social media program and examine what is the best strategy for your business, which will in turn provide more ROI.

Key Highlights

[01:25] Take Social Media Seriously

[03:36] Think About Your Processes And Protect Them

[05:19] Find The Right Time For You

[05:32] Re-read Maximize Your Social

[07:14] Improving Your SEO

[07:58] Re-doing Your Approach To Email

[08:35] 2 Ways Of Looking At The Actual Social Networks

[09:31] Look At Your Role Models

[11:09] Look At Your Facebook Insights

[11:47] Working on Pinterest

[14:29] My Snapchat Presence

[14:51] Own Your Hashtag

[15:11] Loom At The Resource Part

[15:50] 4 Ways To Scale

[16:22] Leverage Your People In The Right Way

[16:43] When To Outsource Task

[19:39] Define Your Process

Notable Quotes

  • When I talk about getting series, that means really taking a step back. It's really about putting processes into your social media program.
  • It's about the operations of social media, about making sure you're doing the right things, you're measuring the right things, and therefore you're delivering on what you need to do in order to make your social media program sustainable for whatever objective you're measuring it for.
  • What I mean by this is really what is the objective, if you are trying to generate more leads, or you're trying to get more website traffic, which is often an objective, look at where your leads have been coming from over the last 12 months. And you might be surprised that this often surprises people.
  • There's so much market to get out there. And it's going to come down to relationships and your audience and your community.
  • You really need to balance everything because social complements, everything replaces nothing, maybe you need to take another look at that right?
  • Whatever communities that you're involved in, okay, how much time you put into it, what are you getting out of it? And what are you posting and what's the frequency you're posting for things want you to look out.
  • I am now actually trying to focus more on the quality and less than the frequency.
  • I want you to bridge that gap by refocusing what you're doing. And you can use different techniques to do that.
  • You can't outsource everything. But you can have the right people do the right jobs.
  • You need to be in the right places with the right content, the content has to be powerful, valuable, resourceful. But more and more, it's coming down to the one to one relationships that you have with people that you meet or engage with over social.

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