How to Create Content That Ranks on Search [Neil Sheth Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 16, 2021
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How to Create Content That Ranks on Search [Neil Sheth Interview]

SEO ranking is critical for most business because it is the key to increase the brand’s visibility and attract potential customers where people search for information – especially now that we truly living Digital First. 

When we think of SEO, the first word that quickly comes to our mind is keyword. But if we dig deep into it, you’ll realize that SEO is not only about using relevant keywords. Come and join with me in this discussion with the CEO of bubblidigital, Neil Sheth, on how to figure out the other ways you can create content that will rank high on search engines and the real value that SEO offers.

Key Highlights

[02:53] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Neil Sheth 

[05:21] How Neil Got into SEO and Content Creation 

[08:44] What does an SEO agency do for their clients?

Neil shared what an SEO agency do for their clients and why clients should hire one.

[11:24] The Process of Creating Customized Plan for Each Customer

Not all plans are alike. Customers get customized plans for each of them based on where they're at, their goals, and the results they get.

[12:49] SEO Compass

[13:05] How to Implement SEO?

Learn the four areas when implementing SEO. 

[13:22] Technical SEO Optimization 

[16:39] How to Find the Right and Relevant Topics That Increase Brand Visibility

[17:50] Content Analysis

[21:16] Content Formats

What are the different content formats that can help me maximize my eyeballs?

[23:42] Why Should I Look at Google's First Page Results?

[24:24] Neil's Tips to Rank Your Site Better

[27:24] How to Get Quicker Results Using Less Competitive Keywords

[30:05] Connect with Neil

Notable Quotes:

  • SEO is a learning game.
  • I know more than they do about the subject, why aren't I speaking, and it but it comes down to the learning and the reps that you put in, right. And those experiences, sometimes money losing experiences, but it all adds up.
  • SEO is always the I see as the bonus, whether it ranks or not, is there should be enough benefit before it even ranks. 
  • We talk about the benefit and the value, and the time that you're going to save, and most importantly, how your brand just going to look epic on the back of it.
  • I'm not gonna write about all these things, or when I'm with a client, but what is relevant to your business, and most importantly, to your customers, or prospective customers
  • If you want to rank for those keywords that are critical to your business, you need to be seen as an authority in Google's eyes. And a way that you're seen as an authority is that you have a lot of content on that subject.
  • If you're expecting to rank for a keyword, then your contents going to be worthy of ranking. So, analyze the content, are you ranking today? Are you being indexed?

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