How to Create and Implement an Instagram Strategy to Grow Your Brand [Christy Laurence Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferMarch 25, 2020
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How to Create and Implement an Instagram Strategy to Grow Your Brand [Christy Laurence Interview]

Instagram requires a very different strategy compared to other social networks in order to be successful. I had the pleasure of interviewing Christy Laurence, CEO and Founder of the leading Instagram scheduling app Plann, to discuss all things Instagram and how you can best create and implement an Instagram strategy to grow your brand. 

Some of the things we discussed include:

- Instagram content strategy
- the importance of the grid
- hashtags
- posting frequency
- the value of Instagram analytics
- and more!

Key Highlights

[01:59] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Christy Laurence

[04:14] How Plann Started

[09:18] What Is Plann?

[10:16] Color Palette Analysis

[11:49] Other Killer Features of Plann

[16:18] Best Time Of The Day To Post On Instagram

[18:16] Hashtag Functionality

[21:14] The Concept Of Grid

[25:26] Are Preset Filters Needed To Be Successful On Instagram?

[27:12] Long Caption VS Short Caption

[28:03] Swipe Up In Instagram Story Or Dm Me For Link?

[29:59] Where Should You Put Hashtags?

[32:51] Christy's Advice On Posting Consistency and Frequency

[34:34] Connect With Christy

Notable Quotes

  • I really understood the need of the platform. And that's why I developed something that I knew would really help people understanding why they're on the platform and the purpose and having being informed about why they're making decisions.
  • My whole purpose is to help more people be successful. And if I can show them what's not working and is working, then I can direct more people in the right way.
  • If you can, inside plan, you can learn when your audience is most online, and most engaged. So therefore, you can make better decisions about when to get in front of them, instead of having to post hundreds of content and just hoping that works.
  • Having that data and doing reporting and checking it out is super crucial to understanding how to optimize and get better.
  • But Instagram is not Snapchat. So if you're posting, you know, too much of your cat or too much of your food, then they go actually, this isn't for me anymore. So again, it's it's an extension of your brand extension of your story and extension on your business. So we have to be intentional.
  • For me, it comes down to knowing your audience.
  • And Instagrams, it's always changing. There's no reason you can't either, but it's about understanding your people reading your analytics and making really educated decisions.

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