How to Audit Your Social Media Presence
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 04, 2013
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How to Audit Your Social Media Presence

The background for and importance of auditing your social media, with a concrete example comparing the Facebook presence of two hotels.

Key Highlights

[01:16] Social Media Audits

[01:45] Creating Baseline Numbers

[02:29] Create a Role Model

[02:52] The Notion of Audit

[04:00] Is It A Good Ideal to Compare Yourself with the Competition?

[04:32] Notion of Social Proof

[04:46] Where the Role of Audit Comes In

[06:01] Looking at the Organic Growth Rate

[08:01] Number of Like Is Meaningless

[08:30] Getting A Sense of the Engagement

[10:56] 2 Easy Things You Can Do to Audit

Notable Quotes

  • So part of this feeds into the fact that you have to have a plan, you have to have a social media strategy, you have to be measuring, you have to be optimizing, that's a no brainer. But part of that social media strategy is creating baseline numbers of how others in your industry are doing.
  • But if there's a new platform that you're not familiar with, your company is just engaging and if you think it may be important for your social media strategy, how are you going to get started, create a role model, right?
  • Look at other companies in your industry, or similar industries that have seemingly done well, it's always hard to know if a company is doing well or not in social media. Because the number of likes the number of views is meaningless. It comes down to are they meeting their business objectives, and that information is not for public consumption, obviously.
  • And the audit actually helps you create your social media strategy. It helps you create baseline metrics. 
  • But you know, number of likes in itself is not the only metric. I don't even know how meaningful of a metric it is. But once again, with social proof, I guess there is some value to it.
  •  Now, number of likes is meaningless. We're not going to buy likes, obviously, we're going to target our target audience. 
  •  We want to keep our brands fresh in the minds of our fans.
  • So I'm hoping that this gets you thinking about your own brand, or the brand that you represent, or sell to, or service or what have you. And that it gets you into a habit of doesn't have to be all the time, maybe monthly basis, maybe quarterly basis. Look around and see what your competition is doing. Create some of these baseline metrics for the few of the platforms.

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