How Social Media is Taught in Universities
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 28, 2014
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How Social Media is Taught in Universities

Social media is beginning to be taught in universities as a core skill that students will need in the business world. Neal Schaffer interviews two professors at NOVA Southeastern University, Jim Barry and John Gironda, on how they got started with their program, what they teach, and the challenges that they and their students face.

Key Highlights

[02:11] Introduction of Podcast Guests

[03:27] How Jim Started in Teaching Social Media Marketing

[05:02] Why You Should Have Courses in Social Media?

[07:03] Why Students Take Courses on Social Media

[08:45] Areas You Can Get Expert On with Social Media Education

[09:55] Hudson Institute for Executive Training

[11:03] The Most Challenging Things for Students to Grasp

[12:53] The Hardest to Teach About Social Media

[14:29] Practical Business Application

[15:05] You Have to Walk the Talk

[15:23] Connect with John and Jimmy

Notable Quotes

  • I would say that starts with it's, it's changed the framework for marketing. And it's a different mindset.
  • I would start with the transmitted transmission we're making from outbound to inbound marketing, and the role of content in place of cold calling. So starting with it, just conceptually, I think that becomes more important than changing platform.
  • I think social media marketing is one way to do that to show a tangible field that's growing and popular. And it gives them a chance that no matter what field they go into, I think you've you mentioned that earlier, as we were talking before we started recording no matter what field, you're in having social media expertise can only enhance your marketability.
  • I think as far as the individual platforms that are changing, we've seen that recently, of more platforms becoming more and more popular, and other ones maybe losing popularity, it's still important to look at some sort of universal need, or universal themes that that consumers are engaging in. So it's still important, it's still very worthwhile to teach courses on social media marketing, because I don't think in general the field is it's still going to be around.
  • It almost lies in the fact that students don't realize how much work actually goes into the social media marketing itself. Do you think of the actual the perspiration, we call it, where the legwork that you have to put into it and continually updating your content and be and having fresh content that you kind of just want to, you know, do it once and then walk away and not touch it again.
  • It's difficult to get students to understand how platform works without purpose.
  • So the challenge a lot of times is like, what do you roll out first. And we finally I think we nailed it with you kind of give them a high level overview, a very advanced information that you see over time, you're gonna get a more enriched understanding, taken out of content trail, and after all the content is done and sequenced and amplified, and we get them into right now, how do we get this out there, promoted and activate our communities to where we get a greater following, while we're rolling out our content.


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