How Social Media Complements Your Sales Funnel

How Social Media Complements Your Sales Funnel

How to properly build a sales funnel that flows from social media to your website. Where does the funnel building process start?

Key Highlights

[01:53] How to Properly Build A Sales Funnel that Flows from Social to the Website?

[02:00] Where Does Funnel Building Start?

[03:49] Attract People to Your Social Media Profile

[04:53] Create A Landing Page Specific to the Social media Platform You Expect Traffic to Come From

[05:58] Create Customized Page

[06:14] Ways of Attracting People from Social Media to Your Website

[07:09] Seamlessly Integrate Your Blog to Your Website

[08:45] Social Selling: Employee Advocacy

[09:06] One of the Case Studies Linkedin for Sales

Notable Quotes

  • I think if you can determine what those objectives are, you know, what you need to do, the next thing you need to do is obviously, dig a little bit deeper into social and try to figure out where your audiences how they use each platform, and what platform does it make sense to use what tactic in order to help you achieve your objective? 
  • If there's a sales funnel that flows from social to the website, well, you first of all need to attract people to your social media profile. And it needs to be very, very clear from your profile, how they can get to a relevant landing page.
  • But at the end of the day, I think what a lot of companies miss out on and I talk about this when I talk about Twitter especially, and what I read When you do as well is to create a landing page that is specific to the social media platform that you expect traffic to come from a separate landing page.
  • The more backlinks you get to that one page, the higher you know, the more authority, the more domain authority that page is going to have.
  • On the other hand, it might be more effective from a conversion perspective, if you are able to describe your company in 140 character tweets, or to be able to show a widget of people that have recommended your company on Twitter by you know, showing a widget of all the favorites or a Storify. 
  • You want to seamlessly integrate it right to keep that funnel tight. And to improve the efficiency of that funnel to try to maximize the percentage and number of conversions you can get. And that it's the call to action.
  • You need to understand where your sales are coming from what your website funnel looks like right now. And then do you have enough avenues for people to come from social media to your website? 

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