How Human Writing - and AI Content Creation - Will Help You Scale Your Digital Influence [Kate Bradley Chernis Interview]

How Human Writing - and AI Content Creation - Will Help You Scale Your Digital Influence [Kate Bradley Chernis Interview]

This episode features an interview with Kate Bradley Chernis, Co-Founder and CEO of the content marketing tool Lately, which helps you automatically turn your content into dozens of social media posts in one click. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Why writing is the most important skill in your toolkit as a marketer or a salesperson
  • How any marketing person or tool can't help you if you start out with crap: "you can't polish a turd"
  • How AI can help your content creation process
  • How humans and Artificial Intelligence can work together

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Key Highlights

[01:43] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Kate Bradley Chernis

[06:56] What Is LatelyAI?

[08:44] What LatelyAI Does

[10:52] Why Writing Is The Most Important Toolkit?

[16:29] One Of The Problems People Have In Writing Marketing And Sales

[19:43] How AI Help Fix Potential Writing Issues

[23:59] You Need To Tweet Like A DJ

[25:40] How AI Content Creation Is Time To Throw THe Lead Generation Playbook

[28:36] 2 Best Examples Of How TO Better Access To Your Customers

[33:04] How AIs Can Make Our Jobs Easier

[37:49] Connect With Kate

[38:53] Final Thoughts

Notable Quotes

  • Really just taking a second to think about what you're writing, and then understand who you're writing it to.
  • That's what storytelling is really about. It's about like making sure that somebody cares at all what you're saying. And the way to get them to care is to be human, and to inject that personality and persona in it. And a great way to do that is to think about how things look on the page.
  • If you really want to resonate with your audience, that that tone of voice is critical. But just making sure that your writing is is powerful, in a way that conveys the message, the way that you want it to be conveyed is something that you really can't take for granted.
  • Your network is always your most important thing.
  • So with marketing, especially marketing is a human affair. It's very emotional, you you buy something from me, because you like me, or you like my product, you have this emotional reaction to it, right? And robots can't replicate that.
  • People remember you when you make that personal connection and often that's based on mutual personal experiences and if you don't bring those things out in your content, this is something that AI cannot teach you right?
  • So leverage as much as you can about you as a person or about the people inside your brand. and you're going to be much better for that. 

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