How Harvard Medical School Does Visual Social [Jay Shemenski Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 24, 2016
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How Harvard Medical School Does Visual Social [Jay Shemenski Interview]

Today Neal is mixing it up with an interview as he gets ready to hit the road again in the next couple of months. He’s talking to someone he’ll be meeting at the upcoming Social Tools Summit in Boston, Jay Shemenski, who is the Digital Manager of the Harvard Medical School. Listen in to hear him talk about how he got to Harvard Medical School, what his goals are in managing their social, and what he’s looking forward to talking to at the Social Tools Summit.

Key Highlights

[01:09] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Jay Shemenski

[01:36] Jay's Journey To Social Media Marketing

[05:18] Getting Experience In Google AdWords, PPC, and SEO

[07:16] Jay's Advice For Social Media Practitioners

[09:43] The Use Of Harvard Medical School In Social Media

[11:26] Who Are Jay's Target Audiences?

[12:03] Elements To Look At To Decide Iff A Program Is Possible

[13:52] Social Tool Summit Session That Jay Wanted To Be On

[16:22] Tips On Developing Visual Content

[18:50] Connect With Jay

Notable Quotes

  • I mean, even now looking at social media, and looking at how you can start to work with native ads and paid ads, and targeting to certain audiences. It's really the same principles. It's really just, you know, how much you know about particular users and how you can engage with them and increase that engagement.
  • I think it's, you know, everything that you work with, you're going to pick up bits and pieces that enhance that singular focus. 
  • So I think getting that broad base is very important, because nothing happens in a vacuum. And you're going to need to know how all the different pieces work together, in order for you to be able to demonstrate the ROI of social and the impact that social is having, and how it influences all the other pieces.
  • With us, we take more of a competitive analysis look and say, what's our share of voice? What's our share of engagement? You know, are we driving more attention than our competitors within the field? And then even kind of keeping an eye outside just the medical education field, and really just science media as a whole?
  • What I'm really keyed into and excited about is, is visual, social, and how people in organizations can be using images, video to really tell their story in a much more emotional way, in a much more connected way.
  • But I think one thing that was really lacking within our field is visually connecting the stories and the change that institutions organizations are driving through scientific discovery and through medicine. And that was an area where we could really develop a differentiated story about what we're doing here and you potentially connect to audiences in a deeper way, and also reach some new audiences. 
  •  So I think, really, the first step is taking a step back and assessing where you are in the field that you're working within, and where you can create value. And like I said, before, a differentiated story from your competitors, through images.

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