How Fresh is Your Content? A "Fresh" Look at Content Marketing
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 01, 2018
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How Fresh is Your Content? A "Fresh" Look at Content Marketing

How fresh is your content? Content is the currency of social and digital media, yet what type of content in what content medium do you publish in what outlet or social media website? Join Neal for an insightful look into why content has an expiration date and what you can do to get the best ROI from your content.

Key Highlights

[03:47] Content As Currency of Social Media

[05:40] Content Marketing Bridges Gap

[08:11] It's About Engaging

[10:18] Engagement Content

[11:54] Written Content

[13:04] How I Began My Blog

[16:47] Figuring Out Your Best Brand

[17:30] Moving To

[19:22] What I Do With My Old Blog Posts

[20:17] Ways Of Devaluing Your Site

[21:56] Ideal Content Types

[23:49] News Value On Twitter And LinkedIn

[24:11] SEO Audit Tools

Notable Quotes

  • Content is the currency of digital media. Without content, you really have no presence on the Internet.
  • And the idea about content marketing is you're trying to bridge that gap between the content that you want to publish to promote your own products and services, and the content that your prospective clients want access to.
  • So those engagement type of content are really specific to social media. A lot of it is visual and they really help both humanize your Brand and help you deepen relationships with those that might have a similar interest. And that's always going to come to your favor.
  • And the whole reason why and really, at the end of the day, especially when you think about the way that algorithms work, and the way that people associate or have greater affinity with other people than with brands, that my best brand is my name, Neal
  • Whatever industry, you're in technology changes over time.
  • If engagement content is fleeting, as it should be because the life of a post in social media is very short. I will say though, with hashtags on Instagram, and Pinterest, these are areas where the content lives a little bit longer. 
  •  But no matter how much you try to make it evergreen, like those LinkedIn posts, like the cloud posts, or the Foursquare posts, it changes. So something can never be evergreen.
  • But guess what, you're never going to be able to compete with the big boys. Because they just have they already have greater domain authority and search engines, they already have a larger following than you do. There really is little value in trying to publish news that everybody is going to read somewhere else anyways. 
  •  And that's why even a blog post, no matter what type of blog post, no matter what type of company, it has an expiration date, nothing in this world, unfortunately, it's going to last forever.

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