Holistic Social Media 101: Asking the Right Social Media Questions
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 12, 2014
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Holistic Social Media 101: Asking the Right Social Media Questions

When looking at optimizing your social media program, are you asking the right questions? Neal will provide examples of a holistic mindset to help you ask the right questions that will truly help you Maximize Your Social.

Key Highlights

[02:11] How to Tell If Your Facebook Efforts Are Paying Off?

[02:39] Experiments

[03:33] How Do We Expand Our Reach for Our Page?

[04:49] Is Facebook Really Tied to Your Business?

[06:15] What Differentiates Me from A Lot of People

[06:55] Looking At Social Media As A Whole

[08:31] Are You Asking the Right Social Media Questions?

Notable Quotes

  • And as you know, well, if you listen to my podcast from last week, and read my recent blog post on six social media productivity tips and 23 tools to help you, you'll know that I like to reserve time for content creation and engagement. And I urge my listeners this podcast and brands to do the same. 
  • And it was a great reminder. And it sort of echoes well, he gives you a specific, you know, tactics that you can do to see what works.
  • So my response was basically, well, there's, you know, there's a few things you can obviously do, you can promote posts with paid social, which is obviously going to expand your reach, if that's what you want to do, you can post more frequently, which will tend to improve your reach, you can optimize your content, you can obviously try to post different types of content, and you can do an experiment or campaign.
  • And it really comes down if you've read the chapter maximize your social on social media ROI and social media metrics.
  • It equates to how effective your social media is, and how you might be wanting to do better at it. But it doesn't equate to this primary objective, it doesn't feed directly into the reason why you have a social media program. 
  • So if we were to look at social media as a whole, it's not just Facebook, right. And it's not just reach and Facebook, either. It's a lot of different things. 
  • You need to think holistically. Different news feeds work differently, different types of fans, on different networks engage differently with different content.
  • There's loads of communities where your brand can get new engagement, new brand awareness, what have you. So really my question for you. Okay, is are you asking the right social media questions? 
  • But if you're just asking the wrong question, you're digging yourself a hole. And I don't think you're ever going to be effective with your program because you're chasing after the wrong thing.
  • So let's stop asking, let's start doing and think about the questions that you have. Are they the right questions?
  •  Think of the entirety, think of business objectives, lots of different networks out there lots of different things you can do.
  • And if you're looking for ideas, by all means, read, maximize your social again, from front to back. And that will help sync your brain with what I'm trying to teach through these podcasts. 

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