Guest Blogging is Here to Stay: Respect the Content and the Creators
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 23, 2015
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Guest Blogging is Here to Stay: Respect the Content and the Creators

Some people say that guest blogging is dead, but Neal Schaffer disagrees. Content curation is a great way to have enough content to share, and it’s beneficial for both business and the content creators. How? This week, Neal talks about the importance of building those relationships between brands and influencers: how organizations can strategically partner with bloggers, and work with them to create a mutually beneficial relationship that leverages each of their networks.

Key Highlights

[01:40] Two Parts of Social Media

[02:09] What is Guest Blogging?

[02:36] Why Blog Owners of Businesses Want to Have Guest Bloggers

[03:17] Looking at Guest Posting in Two Different Aspects

[05:35] The ROI of Blogging

[07:00] Save Your Best Content for Blog

[07:32] What to Look for in a Guest Blogger

[08:56] Why I Created Maximize Your Social Business

[10:40] Stick to Unique Content

[12:18] Guest Blogging for Brands

[12:37] It's All About Food Chain

Notable Quotes

  • We all know that social media is the convergence of information and communication.
  • And blog owners or businesses with blogs want to have guest bloggers because it helps lessen the burden of content creation, and it's part of a social media program that is probably going to be the most time or resource-intensive part of your operation.
  • You want to work your way up the food chain, because people don't scale your time is limited. And if you can only have time to write one or two guest posts a month, you want to do it, where you're going to get the most bang for your buck, or in this case, bang for your content to your time. 
  • I really want to have my best content, I maximize social business, but every once in a while if a company reaches out to me, and I haven't guest posted for them before, I will do that if I think it helps me yield thought leadership. You know, it opens up a new crowd to me, and it helps me build a relationship with that company. I'm all about relationships, and that's sort of my background in b2b sales and that's what's helped carry me far in social media.
  • And when I do things, I want to do things big, you know, I think it was pro blogger Darren Rose, who said, Whenever you guest blog, you want to save your best content for guest blogs, because that's where you reach a new audience.
  • You want a guest blogger that is obviously an expert in what they do. You want them to write about content that's relevant to your site. And hopefully, you want them to be so proud of their content, that they're going to share it as well, so that you get to access this new network.
  • And so it really got me thinking and when I started getting more and more of these requests, I thought to myself, you know, I don't want a one night stand with content creators. It leaves no value for a blog to have just one contribution from one person.
  • Well, by all of us getting together and sharing each other's content, through our unique networks, we can reach just a broader audience. And it's about the platform. And that's where I went from window networking to maximize social business when I realized that it wasn't my blog anymore. 

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