Got Good Social Media Marketing Apps? [Ian Cleary of Razor Social Interview]

Got Good Social Media Marketing Apps? [Ian Cleary of Razor Social Interview]

Ian Clearly of Razor Social joins us for a look at the best social media marketing apps for social media management, monitoring, and automation.

Key Highlights

[00:30] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Ian Cleary

[01:22] Defining Different Categories of Apps That Social Media Marketers Can Use

[02:09] Ian's Recommended Platforms

[02:55] Special Features of Nimble

[03:54] Monitoring Tools

[05:08] Recommended Automation Tools

[06:13] The Advantages of Zapier

[08:17] Connect With Ian

[08:32] Final Thoughts

Notable Quotes

  • I suppose the a lot of it puts in is in the management section. So pure management tools for managing social media. And then like you say, there's the monitoring site for monitoring activity related to social media, and so on, as we talked about, then some automation tools for automating some tasks within social media could be within management or outside of management. 
  • Basically, picking the people that you want to engage with in social whether you're trying to develop new business or new partnerships. So you want to engage the quote unquote, influencers, and really using nimble as a CRM like a Salesforce to really put down your targets your you know, where they are in the pipeline. 
  • They have a different set of rules that you can apply. So there's some of the functionality is quite similar, and others is new functionality that's not provided, but I have TT. Another advantage to Zapier is that if the automation is not available, you can build that automation so you can further develop Zapier yourself. So as a business organization, you can basically do a lot more with Zapier.
  • It's very good to pick it up content for you. And having the content ready available for you to share really quickly. 
  • So I think the future of social media marketing management tools will be on a mobile device so people will move to using on a mobile device glider is a really interesting application where it provides really nice templates that you can use and update and send out your these nice graphical images out onto Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter and everything very easily.
  • Don't overdo the tools, we give them section tools there, pick the ones that are most relevant to your business, and get it working for one tool properly before you start adding in additional ones.

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