Google Plus: Who Cares Whether Your Friends Use It or Not
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 04, 2013
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Google Plus: Who Cares Whether Your Friends Use It or Not

Google Plus is a critical social network that every business should be on, but many discount it. Why? Find out why - and how you can help your company better leverage G+.

Key Highlights

[00:53] Should You Care About Google Plus?

[02:29] Open Networking

[03:31] The Influence of Our Circles

[04:02] The Power of Google Search Results

[06:11] Google Plus Is An Active Community

[06:37] Establish Your Google Plus Presence Now

Notable Quotes

  •  From a personal perspective, it's one thing you know, when I wrote my first book on LinkedIn, and I talked about Open Networking, and Twitter being an open platform, in essence, where you can communicate with anyone in the world you want whether or not they communicate back with you as another story, but it's a great place to start new relationships. 
  • So in that way, our circles are greatly influencing our search results in Google, we all know the power of Google just cannot be underestimated.
  • If you were just to have conversations on Google Plus, and they were being prioritized in Google Search, and the bigger of a community of a relevant community that you can build for your business, the more those conversations that obviously should be relevant to your business are going to show up in Google. It's really a no brainer. 
  • But you know, obviously, when you're in business, a lot of businesses just want to get brand recognition or brand awareness begin to create communities find influencers find content to share, no matter what it is.

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