Google Plus is Dying! Read All About It!

Google Plus is Dying! Read All About It!

A blog post recently published on TechCrunch claims that Google Plus is dying. Neal Schaffer analyzes the facts behind the article, the evolution of social media, and yields some insight on the least understood social network today: Google Plus.

 Key Highlights

[01:30] The Concept of Google Plus

[03:16] What Will Happen If You Miss Out on Plus

[04:32] What Makes Google Plus Different Than Other Social Network

[05:26] The Other Important Thing About Google Plus

[06:00] Thing that People Misunderstood About Google Plus

[06:15] How to Begin Social Layer

[07:19] What I Think is Happening in Google Plus

[08:06] Why Have Doubt in Google Plus?

[08:58] The Only Way of Determining ROI

Notable Quotes

  •  And in all honesty, I believe that this is questionable this post as to, is it good journalism or not, because if you're going to have a scoop, and you're going to provide analysis, and you're telling people, we have multiple sources that this is happening, you got to know a lot about the product, you got to know a lot about the industry. And you, you really have to understand that unless you can tell us some convincing data.
  • I always include his quote when I talk about Google Plus to explain just how misunderstood Google Plus is, because Google Plus is both a community and what Google calls a social layer.
  • But the other important thing about Google pluses, it is this concept, this notion of a social layer. It's tying together all of Google's products, and it's verifying your digital presence.
  • And the problem that people so much misunderstand about Google Plus is, it was never really this standalone product that was going to compete with Facebook, or compete with Twitter or compete with LinkedIn, it was a social layer.
  • It's almost like the evolution of social business itself, it sort of mirrors that, where sometimes you start out with a social media person, then you have a social media department.
  • But at the end of the day, companies are returning back and say we don't need a dedicated social media department, because we do social media, in every department in this company.
  • And you'll have to read the article read the newsletter to find out what they're doing because of that, but social media is always in flux, right? It's always going to be in flux.
  • So once again, we need to stick with social media in the here and now even some fairly well respected names out there in the media world.

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