Global Social Media Marketing: Does Your Brand have a Plan?

Global Social Media Marketing: Does Your Brand have a Plan?

Now that you have a robust social media marketing program running in your own country, what about the rest of the world?

Key Highlights

[00:41] Social Media Is A Lot More Global Than You Think

[01:40] Looking At Some Statistics..

[03:20] Should US Be In Charge of Every Global Channel?

[05:03] Sharing of Best Practices Between Regions

[05:30] The Challenge for Smaller Brands

[05:46] The Challenge for Bigger Brands

Notable Quotes

  • Social media is a lot more global than you may think. And for people, it's great the ability to really meet and communicate and learn from people around the world. But from businesses, it also has a lot of implications that I think most businesses still have not realized.
  • So obviously, when you think globally, not every platform is going to be relevant. But Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are three platforms that are relevant. 
  • But it's not just about traditional marketers wanted to keep control. And that's been one of the challenges that they have with social media and giving up control and finding value and giving up control of certain things while maintaining control in different ways.
  • Most companies up until now are either completely hand off you know let each region do it themselves or they are very much want to keep in control like traditional marketing and I don't have enough experience with enough Global Fortune five hundreds to be able to give you a concise answer.
  • There's a lot of issues, it may not be important for smaller brands, but obviously smaller brands have the ability to reach out to the entire world. And if they've been limited to business only in their native country, they now have the ability to really create a global awareness for the product.

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