From Windmill Networking to Maximize Social Business

From Windmill Networking to Maximize Social Business

What is the value of guest blog posts on your website? Learn about the history of Windmill Networking along with advice on what type of content you should try to source for your website blog.

Key Highlights

[01:07] Moving From Windmill Networking to Maximize Social Business

[01:29] How I Started Windmill Networking

[03:43] From Personal Blog to Collaborative Blog

[04:18] What I Realized with Guest Blogging

[06:13] The Story of the Term Maximize Your Social

[07:05] The Bigger Benefits of the Switch

[07:17] My Advice

[08:05] The Key Thing on Contributing

Notable Quotes

  • Really, the Concept of windmill networking came about when I was in the shower, in all honesty, and I write about this, I think in the preface of the book, of trying to find a visual concept, if we are windmills and we plug ourselves into this grid, that is social media, we can receive and share energy 24/7 worldwide, something that, you know, maybe something trivial to us could be a godsend to someone else.
  • And that's really, you know, my base for helping businesses promote social media comes down to that concept that when you are engaging in social media as a brand, it really comes down to those people.
  • You know, the branding from a business perspective was never any good.
  • Blogs want to invite guests to blog so that they have access to content and people who want to move their way up in the chain, or in the blogosphere echo system want to be seen on blogs that offer bigger platforms that they have.
  • But I realized, as I was doing this, and I've written about this, it was almost like a one night stand, people would come contribute a blog post, and that was it. It offered temporary value to my readers, but it didn't really offer any lasting value.
  • And I realized that because of that, I needed to create a new website that really strips the brand name from my personal brand, it wasn't fair to the other contributors, that yes, they do get value from the platform, but the platform still is tied directly to my personal brand.
  • But it's completely taking my personal brand, any potential ego that I have, out of the play, insane, subscribe to us read our content for the content. And I think it showcases more of the actual authors of each content, because if you go to share it on social media. 
  • If you have a company blog, you want to bring out the voices of those in your company, I want to have an advisor that is blogging on my site for any industry or any discipline that a potential company might have a problem in. And that's really the core concept.
  •  But I believe with Google authorship and the trends I see out there for content marketing, and Gary Vaynerchuk, now tripling down on content, although there's some debate about that, if you read what Scott Mani said, but it leads to a very, very interesting question as to At what point do you separate your personal or company brand, from that contributing content that you have curated and fostered as well as the content you have created?

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