Fanocracy: The Next Evolution in Marketing? [David Meerman Scott Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 07, 2020
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Fanocracy: The Next Evolution in Marketing? [David Meerman Scott Interview]

Join me for an insightful interview with the bestselling marketing author David Meerman Scott, who's The New Rules of Marketing and PR has sold more than 400,000 copies worldwide. David joined me for an interview where he revealed the background and a preview of his new book: Fanocracy: Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans. While the theme of "fans" has been something covered by others, David offers a unique approach backed by case studies and neuroscience which I believe you will find quite insightful. Once you hear the scientific background behind Fanocracy, you might join me in believing that it really might be the next evolution in marketing - for those forward-looking companies who empower their marketing and customer experience teams to push forward on a "fanocracy" initiative. For my listeners, even if you are not a large enterprise, the same concepts that David discusses can be leveraged by any entrepreneur, small business owner, or marketer. You can purchase your own copy of Fanocracy here.

Key Highlights

[00:29] Introduction of Podcast Guest, David Meerman Scott

[01:12] How David Came Up With Writing the Book

[04:58] The History of Fanocracy

[07:22] The Intersection of Customer Experience and Fanocracy

[10:55] Creating True Human Connection

[14:28] Developing Fandom

[15:07] The Idea of Mirror Neurons

[19:45] What Fanocracy is About

[21:55] Connect with David

Notable Quotes

  • And I think, though, Neil, that too many people, I know, you see this too, too many people are abusing these ideas. Now, too many people think they know how to use these new rules of marketing and PR, but they don't use them in the way that you and I talk about it.
  • These social networks themselves are part of the problem. Because there's, in the beginning, you know, you would put out a piece of content, it would go to your network. Now, unless you pay, it doesn't go around. It doesn't get out to that many people, when you put out an update, the social networks also try to polarize people into political spaces.
  • What we did though, is we came up with 10 different chapters, each one is a prescription to help grow fans in some way. So we recognized that there are many ways to create this true human connection. And that's really what every chapter is about, in some way, creating a true human connection between you and what we hope will become your fans.
  • It turns out that we humans are hardwired to be interested in becoming part of a tribe. And that's because our ancient brain as a survival technique, has to find people who are part of our tribe, because that's where we're safe. As opposed to people who we meet who are not part of our tribe, where there's potential danger. This is hardwired in our brains.
  • So what this means for developing fandom is that the more you can put people into your social or personal space, the more you can develop those true human connections.

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