Facebook's Recent Changes: What Do They Mean?
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 21, 2013
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Facebook's Recent Changes: What Do They Mean?

The truth about Facebook's recent changes: Nothing changed. You still need a data-driven approach to Facebook - and social media - marketing.

Key Highlights

[01:00] Recent Changes with Facebook

[02:38] How EdgeRank Works

[03:42] The Notion of nTime Decay and Notion of Affinity

[04:05] Reintroducing Posts Into Your Newsfeed

[04:48] Every Facebook Post Counts

[06:36] Have A Data-Driven Approach in Social Media

Notable Quotes

  • And I mean, really, Facebook uses an algorithm, okay, they want you to come back to the site more, they want to expose content that they think that you will like, because you'll spend more time on the site, and therefore, they're going to sell you or they're going to be able to get more advertising revenue, because you're on the site longer or what have you.
  • In fact, the more you engage with content, the better they know you and the more targeted ads, they can serve you, meaning that they're going to maximize their profit as well.
  • But, you know, perhaps the weight of the content just really isn't that important anymore. Because I don't know if you've noticed, but if you've done experiments on Facebook, recently, I find that just sending out the good old status update gets, you know, four to five times more impressions than sending out a photo or a video. 
  • But unless people really engage with them, you're not gonna get nearly as many impressions as you get with just sending out a unique status update, which forces you to be creative and forces you to be engaging.
  • And what Facebook is basically saying is we think we know what posts you're gonna engage with. And we're going to make sure that you see those posts, even if you glance over them. So what they're doing is basically reintroducing these posts into your newsfeed.
  • So in essence, the time decay is not as important of a factor or the time decay in terms of a Facebook post, only having a few hours of life now has a bit more legs to it.
  • So once again, as a Facebook page manager, nothing changes, you still need to be consistently creating engaging content, I think one thing that may change, and you never know what the real objective is that Facebook has, because like Google, they're never going to share the inner workings of what they're doing.

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