Exponentially Improve Your Social Media through Authentically Social Content
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 16, 2023
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Exponentially Improve Your Social Media through Authentically Social Content

Social media is not an option for generating organic traffic back to your website anymore.

It is time to use social media what it was intended for, and to reap the benefits and gain a competitive advantage compared to those who are still using social media as if it was 2010.

This is time to embrace authentically social content. Short form video is one example of this type of content, but there is another text-based type that can be effective on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Listen in for the full definitions and detailed advice!

Key Highlights

[02:30] My First AI Conference

[05:09] The Automated Approach in Social Media Now

[07:51] The Concept of Authentic Social

[10:23] Why I Started to be Convertational in My Social Media Content

[11:49] The Commonality I See in Different Types of Content

[13:05] My Twitter Experiment

[14:42] Tips in Using AI in Content Marketing

[18:37] Podcasts for Repurposing Content

Notable Quotes

  • We have matured as an audience that uses social media, we use it differently. And we understand what is the intent of someone when they reach out to us or when they post something on a specific topic.
  • Social media is a place to develop relationships, and engage with people and find your fans, find your customers, find your partners, whatever it is. It is an amazing place to build brand awareness, through 
  • I would recommend you create a short form video that teaches one thing. This short form content that is truly authentic is based around providing value around one idea, like a micro blog post. 
  • So whether it's Twitter threads, whether it's these LinkedIn posts, there's a commonality here that I am seeing. And it is a different type of content that perhaps younger people with a fresher look at content and these platforms, has found a way, being authentic and their content to really generate some pretty massive engagement.
  • I'm not saying completely stopped doing what you've been doing. But I'm saying by interjecting maybe starting once a week, , I think you're going to be rewarded. And by the way, that the biggest reward is not just the algorithm, but you're developing a deeper and more authentic relationship with your followers, and your connections as well. 
  • The emergence of short form video, this is a another piece of that puzzle, but it's technically based. And if you can't buy in a short form video, I think this is something that you can buy into, you can create a system a process and start to insert more authentically social content into your feed. And I think you will reap the benefits from doing that. 

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