Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Crowdfund Marketing

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Crowdfund Marketing

Neal interviews crowdfund marketing expert Peter Trapasso at Cisco Live and gets to the gist of how to use crowdfunding as a marketing vehicle.

 Key Highlights

[01:18] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Peter Trapasso

[01:25] Peter's Role in the World of Social Media

[02:25] What is Kickstarter?

[04:07] Advantages of Utilizing Crowdfund Marketing

[6:00] Best Practices

[06:49] Crowdfund to Social Media Marketing vs Email Marketing

[08:48] User Bases

[10:36] Final Thoughts

[11:41] Connect with Peter

Notable Quotes

  • So before launching, you're in a thing called pre launch and you need to do your planning. You need to put together your tribe and that would be friends, family, people that would be very interested in what you're trying to raise money for. So you need to do that first and the same time you need to start building your social circle.
  • If you think about it more as a startup and a product, lead with the big idea, what are you trying to do, what are you trying to sell, then if it connects with people, then you know, the funding will come.
  • And on top of that, you also want to leverage not just your core supporters, your tribe, as I called it, but also you want to have them become people that can spread the word to those that they know that might be interested in helping as well.
  • Part of its the novelty, but also it's an effective use of social media as far as getting the word out, and also leveraging email marketing. So these things that already exist, you're just repurposing them for a new campaign.
  • Sure, definitely do your homework. And I can't stress that enough. The ones that do best are the ones that have certain elements.
  • Lok at other ones that have won ones that have made their funding and reach out and talk to them both within the area that your product and service falls into. And also ones that just seem to, you know, done really well, people tend to be very friendly. And I think they'd be more than happy to help you out.

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