Dynamically Adapting a Changing Content Focus to Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Dynamically Adapting a Changing Content Focus to Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Is your business changing? Offering new products or services or maybe concentrating strategically on one or two products instead of ten? Your content strategy needs to change as well. Learn what you need to do - and what to expect as a result - from this podcast.

Key Highlights

[01:03] Shifting Content Midshift

[01:41] Shifting Content Midshift is Natural

[02:58] How to Do It?

[03:35] Another Way of Organizing the Buckets

[04:21] Facts You Will Deal with When Shifting Content

[05:28] Your Readers May Not Be Ready

[07:09] Transitional Period

[07:55] Focus on Relevant Metrics

[08:23] Almost Do A Reset

Notable Quotes

  •  But either way, shifting content midstream is natural businesses, organizations are dynamic, the products that you carry may change your industry might change, except if you're obviously very, very well established in a very, very stable industry.
  • But things change, right. And what's going to happen is if you create your social media strategy, as outlined and maximize your social, and you do your PDCA, and you do your checking on a regular basis, you're going to notice that there's some type of content, invariably, that's going to do better than other types of content. 
  • And therefore, in some ways, you might be shifting a little bit more narrow, because you want to emphasize that content that is really engaging.
  • It's not hard to do, it really comes down to those content buckets, and the weight of each of those content buckets, and the analyzing them and make sure that that weight and the names of the buckets are aligned with your strategy.
  • And really emphasize the two or three buckets that you plan to blog most about, you could do something similar to what I did on maximize social business, which is organize all the buckets that I have into four major buckets, four or five major buckets, right platforms, which go over all the different social networks, disciplines, which go over all the internal departments of a company, industries, write themes, and then marketing is one.
  • But I don't think that you need to do anything different than what you've done. It's just blogging on certain topics more frequently than other ones. But you're going to have two issues that come up.
  • So be prepared to take a hit. 
  • But really, you want to focus on that content that's going to help you achieve your business objectives. And in doing so, you're going to have to generate a new readership. So expect that engagement to go down and inspect other things to go down as you do that there's going to be a transition period.
  • I recommend that you do something similar and let people know, you know, going forward, this is this is the plan, this is what we're going to talk about, we look forward to engaging with you and providing you even more resourceful content. So I think that it's not something that you have to worry about, I think it's something you have to do, because your social media strategy, and what you blog about is all driven by those business objectives. 

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