Defining Social Business
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 28, 2013
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Defining Social Business

Social Business: A New Definition. Let me explain my perspective on the evolution from social media as an independent form of media to how it might impact your business, and thus what social business means to your company.

Key Highlights

[00:23] Social Business Defined

[01:12] The Traditional Definition of Social Business

[01:43] My Definition of Social Business

[02:00] How I Began My Social Business

[02:43] What I Provide Companies That Need To Be Consulted

[04:04] One of My First Clients

[04:34] My AHA Moment

[06:07] Think Outside The Box

Notable Quotes

  • In essence, I realized that companies needed to be consulted, and I needed to provide them the following two things. Number one is strategy, and number two is education.
  • Education really starts at the top with the executive team and working our way down, I needed to make sure that my clients were up to speed as quickly as possible as to what was possible on social media. What were the best practices? In other words, how can I best replicate my knowledge and really give them a customized brain dump for their own situation?
  • At the end of the day, what are the sales, what's the profit, but in addition to sales, you got to do the marketing, you got to hire people, customer service, legal issues, administrative issues, it all falls on your responsibility. And that is the experience that if you really want to be a social business consultant, that's the experience you need. And the reason is, as social media permeates industry, it also permeates corporate discipline. 
  • What I would add to the definition is social media began as really an outbound focus, either by marketing and or public relations, to engage with others. But it was primarily a one way broadcast. And we all know that social media is to a communication. 
  • The more engagement that brands and businesses do with social media users, the more feedback they get. 
  • And now I would say my definition of social business would be it's not just the outbound, and it's not just receiving the feedback, but it's actually the input of that feedback into everything your business does. 

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