Corona Marketing - What Marketers Need To Know Now [Joe Pulizzi Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 05, 2020
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Corona Marketing - What Marketers Need To Know Now [Joe Pulizzi Interview]

Today the Godfather of content marketing, Joe Pulizzi, joins me as a special guest to help you find opportunity in the midst of the coronavirus. Our episode on "Corona Marketing" led us to talk about a wide variety of things your company can be doing _today_to grow your business despite the times that we live in. These include:

1. How marketers can cut through clutter with their content.
2. Strategies on how to build an audience in a recessionary environment.
3. What subscriber channels make the most sense to drive revenue.

Key Highlights

[06:05] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Joe Pulizzi

[8:00] Where to Start Resetting Content Strategy After the Pandemic

[12:10] Content Energy

[14:57] Creating Emotional Connection Using Digital Tools

[23:36] Understanding Who's Engaging in Your Content And Who's Not

[31:10] Instilling Passionate Influencers Into Content Marketing

[33:57] Strategies and How to Build Audience In A Recessionary Environment

[40:38] Different Subscriber Channels That Drive Revenue

[43:06] Joe's Take on Virtual Events

Notable Quotes

  • You only have so much energy for content creation and distribution, there are only so many things you can do to the audience that you focus on.
  • Now is the time to reset, ask yourself the tough questions. What really, who am I really trying to target? What is the story I'm trying to tell? How is that story truly differentiated? Because to your point, if it's not truly differentiated, you're never gonna cut through all this clutter? You really have to have something special. It's hard to have something special when your attention is all over the place.
  • Perhaps because of the Coronavirus and so many companies are trying to think more digital-first realizing this is the only way to really engage. Maybe they are seeing how they can create more than emotional connection and really serve.
  • What this is honestly, what I would like to see it not everybody has to have a content marketing strategy. You could still traditional market your way to some success. But I would like people to choose, I like either to do it and do it really, really well. Or don't do it at all.
  • What do we in this whole ballgame for our job in marketing is to maintain or change the behavior of our customers and our audience? And if you're not doing that with something that you're from a content standpoint, then it's probably time to stop it.
  • I think we'd agree that what's happening with the pandemic is going to forever change a lot of things about how we communicate about a lot of different things. So really, now is the best time to figure that out. 
  • The most important thing that I see is I want you to move from your followers and your fans and your subscribers on social platforms and move and convert those to email as quickly as you can. 

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