Content Marketing: Why It is Now a Business Strategy [Mariah MacInnes Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 13, 2020
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Content Marketing: Why It is Now a Business Strategy [Mariah MacInnes Interview]

Join me in this interview with "Content Queen" Mariah MacInnes as we go deep into the value that content has for your business. Among other things, Mariah provides a refreshing perspective on:

  • the four pillars you can implement into your content strategy so you never run out of content ideas
  • how to be more consistent with content creation without it consuming your time
  • the actions you need to take to ensure you get more engagement with your content online.

Key Highlights

[00:59] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Mariah MacInnes

[04:41] How Mariah Got Into Content Marketing

[08:55] Implementing Content Strategy with Four Different Pillars

[12:40] Educating Through Storytelling

[13:25] The Importance of Listening to Your Audience

[14:49] Why You Need to Share

[17:25] How 4 Pillars Work Differently

[22:22] How to Be Consistent in Content Creation

[23:20] Repurposing Content

[24:38] Create Content Strategy Based On Your Personality

[29:52] Actions To Do To Ensure Engagement from Content

[31:00] Look At Your Statistics!

[31:38] Why Two-Way Communication Matters

[37:22] Connect With Mariah

[38:16] Final Thoughts

Notable Quotes

  • Marketing is not just content marketing. It is now a business strategy of its own.
  • A really key driver to one of those pillars you mentioned was, which is the website, our main objective, from our content, especially as a business is to get people to our website so that we can, you know, convert.
  • So to inform is to promote, to educate is to of course educate, to engage, is to have that two-way communication, and really bring your audience into your content through questions through storytelling.
  • Continue to share because even if you're not directly saying, hey, buy this, you know, do this do that you're actually building up these fans rather than just followers.
  • It comes down to being really honest with yourself and not having those really high expectations.
  • I think the one thing we forget about consistency with content is you know your topic.
  • I always recommend I don't think people do enough at it is look at what the stats are telling you. 
  • It's all about, you know, really harnessing on that social part of social media, or even with content, it is a very social thing. And as humans, we are designed for connection.
  • It's not a matter of having more content, it's a matter of having the right content.
  • When it comes to content creation, you really do have to love it.

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