Content Creation Should be a TEAM Effort
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 06, 2021
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Content Creation Should be a TEAM Effort

Stop trying to do everything yourself when it comes to content creation. You can still be 100% authentic with your content while involving others in your production. Let me explain the why and how.

It should go without saying that uou have a greater chance of succeeding faster with all aspects of your digital marketing, including content creation, when you involve a team. Working together builds success in its own unique way. The same concept applies in creating and leveraging content to build a successful business. 

In today’s episode, I share with you how you can take advantage of the opportunities available and maximize your ROI by having a team help you with your content creation efforts. Whether you’re seeking to create content for your websites, social media, or YouTube, this episode explores why having a team can really be crucial in maximizing your potential.

 Notable Quotes

● I believe that there’s not enough good content in the top search results. If you can create great content that represents the product or service you’re selling, I believe you can rank high.

● Content creation is all about teamwork. Nobody can do it all alone with expertise.

● Hire the team and get it done. If you really want to ramp up your content creation, this is going to be the shortcut. 

● The more you work with team members, the greater the quality will be and the quicker and more efficient you will be with turnaround.

“You can go to as many conferences as you want. Listen to as many podcasts as you want. Read as many blog posts as you want. But if you don’t have the team, IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.”

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