Business Success Begins by DOING
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJune 03, 2021
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Business Success Begins by DOING

If you're listening to this podcast, you're doing so in hopes of implementing my advice or that from my guests in your company or own business.

As a content creator, the greatest respect you can pay me is in implementing what I teach.

In launching my group coaching membership community Digital First, I realize that many people get stuck with their digital marketing and simply don't execute. You can listen to as many podcasts and read as many blog posts and watch as many YouTube videos as you like - the information you need is all there, but if you don't begin on the journey of execution you can't be on your way to business success.

Yes, this is a topic you've probably heard before, but I wanted to send you all a reminder based on recent conversations and executions I have seen in my own community. You don't have to join my community to become successful at digital marketing, but if you don't have a network of "doers" to surround yourself with and be inspired by, go find one - TODAY!

Key Highlights

[2:20] Neal's Group Coaching, Digital First
A community of mentors that provides education about Digital Marketing through training videos.

[3:43] Importance of Taking Action

[6:43] You Learn by Taking Action and Doing It

[8:05] How Neal Launched His Podcast From Scratch
Neal created a 26-minute video where he shared how he started his podcast from scratch. He aims to inspire beginners to do it and try something new. There is no excuse in starting and creating content whether it be a podcast, blog, YouTube, or an Instagram channel.

[12:11] Leveraging Relationships, Internet, and Social Media When Creating a Business
There's so much information you can get from the internet, social media, and your network that can actually help you build your business from scratch

[14:08] Leveraging Digital and Social Media in Various Ways

[16:48] Skyrocket Your Business By Having The Right Tools and Mindset

Notable Quotes

  • I'm trying to motivate people to pursue whatever they want to do to help them utilize digital marketing as their engine of growth.
  • If you've been thinking about it, stop thinking about it, stop reading the blog post, do it.
  • Doer's win. You're not going to succeed every time, especially in digital and social media marketing. But with every piece of content that you publish, with every product that you promote, you get closer to figuring out a lot of things because it's digital. We can get the data, and we can learn from the data. And we can continue to build and build and build assets through these experiences.
  • With the Internet, and with digital and social media, anything is possible. You can create a business from scratch, and get it up there tomorrow. And there's just so much information out there.
  • Today, there is a service for everything. There is help for everything you want to achieve. So if you don't have time to do it, there are others who can help you do it.
  • Stop waiting, start implementing. Stop researching, start executing.

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