Best Practices in Leveraging Affiliate Marketing for Your Business [Kyle Kostechka Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 08, 2021
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Best Practices in Leveraging Affiliate Marketing for Your Business [Kyle Kostechka Interview]

What does the term "affiliate marketing" conjure up in your mind?

For those of you who have read The Age of Influence, you should remember that I believe that affiliate marketing is one of the earliest forms of influencer marketing.

Not only does affiliate marketing provide many of the benefits that you can receive from influencer marketing, but it can also directly impact your sales, SEO, word-of-mouth, and other digital marketing metrics.

To clarify what exactly affiliate marketing is and what are the best practices for utilizing it in your business, I am honored to have Kyle Kostechka as my special guest. Kyle is Business Development Director for the oldest and leading affiliate marketing company, Clickbank, and spends his days consulting with both brands and affiliates.

I hope this episode is an eye-opening one that helps you take advantage of what affiliate marketing can do for your company.

Key Highlights

[02:47] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Kyle Kostechka

[06:31] Who Is Clickbank?

[15:50] ClickBank's Features

[16:57] How Much Does ClickBank Costs?

[21:22] How Does ClickBank Get Traction and Get Affiliate Sign Up?

[22:52] The Mistakes People Do in Affiliate Marketing

[27:30] Tip from Kyle

[30:33] ClickBank Success Stories

[33:57] The Best Practice to Follow to Be Successful

[37:10] One Mistake That Companies Make With Affiliate Marketing

[41:54] Connect With Kyle

Notable Quotes

  • You have to be really cognizant about in speak a language that's going to be attractive to them and make sense of them. 
  • That's how a lot of these deals start is you just have to go out, be bold, and say hi to somebody.
  • One of the biggest things to remember with affiliates, especially when you're in a b2b, it's the trust is what you're paying for with those commissions.
  • So if you find some and they are affiliates, that is an immensely valuable way of getting into that very niche conversation that otherwise would be very difficult to do. Remember that relationships are key. 
  • What I mean by that is a lot of affiliate marketing, the deal just doesn't always happen perfectly the first time, it takes some time to massage and get to where it needs to go.
  • So even if it takes time, and that patience, if you build the relationships along the way, you know, it almost becomes a switch that you could flip on for traffic and revenue. 
  • Don't lose sight of the importance of those relationships in this community because it will pay dividends not only in the short term but definitely in the long term.

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