Best Practices in Blogger Outreach

Best Practices in Blogger Outreach

Your comprehensive guide to finding bloggers, auditing them, building relationships with them, and then inviting them to be part of your blogger outreach campaign.

 Key Highlights

[00:57] Dedicated Page of All My Podcast

[02:51] My Advice on Doing Blogger Outreach

[03:10] 3 Best Practices on Blogger Outreach

[03:44] Research the Blogger's Platform

[04:46] Other Numbers You Can Determine

[05:17] Analyze Their Influence

[06:41] Outreach Campaign Starts With Developing Relationships

[07:38] Make Sure The Person You Are Reaching Out to is Relevant

[08:36] How to do the Actual Outreach Communication

Notable Quotes

  • So I have experienced both from that perspective, as well as on the reaching out to other bloggers, but by myself, as well as consulting and advising other companies.
  • But just a down and dirty thing you can do is to research their platform.
  • I still think given, you know, all things being equal, I would prefer to work with someone that actually has a blog, that they're actually publishing their own unique content, their own unique perspective, there's a placeholder there so that when they promote you, it gets indexed by Google, it gets promoted, and people actually have a website they can go to, I just think it'll make your campaign all things given equal. I think it'll make it more successful.
  • You obviously want to try to find someone that has large numbers in those social networks where you think you're going to be more effective. So this is how you get a little bit more strategic.
  • But look at how these people are engaging on these platforms, right? If it looks like it's all automated, or they're just saying the same thing over and over again. And it looks like they're not being authentic. And you can understand why so many people like or follow them, it could be that they're buying fake followers or bid they're buying fake likes.
  • Your outreach campaign starts with developing relationships with these people, right? So this is how you begin to reach out to them. And I really recommend you think a lot about this. 
  • But if it's not relevant to that person, it doesn't make sense, which is another reason why you develop a relationship beforehand to really make sure and ascertain that that's the right person from your campaign.
  • If you don't do it today, start doing it tomorrow. And as you do it over time, you build a relationship so that when you contact them several weeks, a few months down the road, they know that you know who they are, and you already have a relationship, it's going to make your program all that much more, first of all successful at convincing that blogger and more successful. 
  • I think what most people forget, like I just said is that bloggers are average human beings just like you and me. They may be known as some sort of rock star in their field of influence. But at the end of the day, they're human beings. They have needs and personalities and emotions, like you and me. So trying to find out what makes that particular blogger tick is a challenge in psychology and sociology, right? 

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